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Operation Cyclone and other US misdeeds in Afghanistan

24 Mar 2016

Operation Cyclone

The Real Reason for America's involvement in Afghanistan Today : Lithium

Most Americans are ignorant of the fact that our CIA funded the same Radical Islamic groups that we now fight in Afghanistan and the Middle East, and who then went on to form ISIS.

We do this for control of Oil and other natural resources in the region. These are Oil Wars, we only call it terrorism when these continuously oppressed people fight back against our oil interests, or when they bring the fight to our shores.

Operation Cyclone

Reagan Meets with Taliban

Clarification on this photo 'Reagan meets with Taliban': The Taliban was formed in 1994 from the same group of 'Freedom Fighters' shown here in this photo with Reagan. However; in 1985 they were known as the 'Mujahideen' and were heavily financed, trained and equipped by the United States with the help of Charlie Wilson,

a Texas Democratic Congressman; to fight against the Soviets who were occupying Afghanistan at the time. (the factual basis for the movie staring Tom Hanks called 'Charlie Wilson's War')

During the Cold War with the Former Soviet Union, when the Soviets were occupying Afghanistan and did extensive geological surveys of the country. The Soviets found Massive Lithium deposits in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan could become, according to The New York Times 'the Saudi Arabia of lithium'.



So when Tesla is building the largest factory in the world; the GigaFactory to make Lithium batteries; think of how we will supply that factory with Lithium.

Afghanistan, Also Known As: The Graveyard of Empires

Afghanistan, Also Known As: The Graveyard of Empires

Due to the nature of US intelligence operations, and the interests of the US intelligence community to stay in power through the control and manipulation of information; 'court grade' evidence that will prove the actual activities and intentions of the Intelligence Community, may never surface. Or due to the machinations of the Intelligence Community; information will be surprised or obscured by misinformation; after all, this is their stock in trade. Sometimes, a good theory, or educated guess based the few known facts & outcomes of a situation, combined with common knowledge of human nature and common business practice; is all that a reasonable person can form with the information available. Here is a good one: (just as good as many others)

'The objective of US intelligence is to suck all remaining wealth out of the US and its allies and pocket as much of it as possible while pretending to defend it from phantom aggressors by squandering nonexistent (borrowed) financial resources on ineffective and overpriced military operations and weapons systems.' - ClubOrlov

Whether or not the above quote from CluOrlov is the truth or not; most of us will probably never know for sure, as most of us will be long gone by the time the relevant government records become leaked or de-classified (if ever).

What is certain though is: The U.S. Intelligence Community and the U.S. Military Industrial Complex are over-funded, have too much influence in government policy, too little oversight and transparency, and are a threat to the American people, their privacy, and their standard of living. Furthermore, the primary allegiance of the upper echelon of the Military Industrial Complex, is not to the American citizen, it is to the rich and powerful; the oligarchs who have subverted the democratic process in this country long ago and use the Intelligence Community and Military Industrial Complex like a private army in furtherance, of their own corporate interests, at the expense and lowered standard of living of the American taxpayer, and the spilled blood of the poor and middle class.

They, (the government) make it a point to inform us at every opportunity that this is an 'all volunteer army', but they don't mention that this 'all volunteer army' is made possible only by the systematic offshoring of American jobs; which created the economic conditions whereby dangerous, unrewarding military service becomes a viable employment option for young people with bleak employment prospects in this 'Gig Economy', which could just as accurately be called 'Neo-serfdom'.

8/5/2020 Update on American Lithium Interests - This time in Bolivia

Seems that things are about to heat up in Bolivia as the Bolivians also have Lithium deposits and Elon Musk has something to gain from a organizing a coup against Evo Morales. (his Tesla Electric Cars run on Lithium Batteries)