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Open letter to Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China

China is not America's enemy.

Excerpts from: Open letters to General Jim Mattis, 25 Jan, 2018


07 Jan 2021

Xi Jinping


President of the People's Republic of China,
Xi Jinping,

Dear Mr. President,

First I must make the statement that this letter constitutes my opinions alone and that I do not work for, or represent the United States Government, or any political or government entity therein, and that I hold no political or appointed government office of any kind.

I feel that I need to write to you directly because my government does not adequately represent me or the vast majority of the American people, and does not form foreign (or domestic policy) that is in the best interests of my countrymen or of the world community.

I am not sure if your administration is yet aware of the statements of a retired Lieutenant General of the United States Army; Frederick Benjamin 'Ben' Hodges III. Where he explains: 'A US war with China is likely within 15 years'.

This imbecilic, war mongering retired General does not represent the will or demeanor of the average, educated American citizen, and the a vast majority of average, educated American citizens do not perceive the People's Republic of China, or the Chinese people to be the United States' military enemy.

Most of my countrymen will however; agree that many of our well paying, domestic manufacturing jobs have been exported to the People's Republic of China, and many other developing countries that have a lower cost of manufacturing than the United States. Most of us Americans do not see this as the fault of PRC or any other country, and we squarely place the blame for America's failed industrial policy where it belongs: On America's corrupt leaders and elected officials of both political parties (the DNC and the GOP) who have consistently allowed large American companies to destroy our domestic manufacturing industries and do massive damage to the livelihood of the American worker.

This is not an issue that requires a war with China to remedy, this is an issue that requires the American people to demand accountability of their leaders who have consistently sold out the American people for decades, so that the richest 1% of our citizens and corporate interests can reap obscene profits, while the middle class workers of America are driven towards financial ruin and spiritual destruction.

This is an issue that requires commonsense domestic laws like 'The Right to Manufacture in America Act ' that will NOT make it illegal to export American manufacturing jobs to China and other countries , but it will reward those American manufacturers who are able to maintain manufacturing facilities in the United States.

I hope that you will find the wise path and negotiate with the leaders of my country for a future of peace and compromise that will allow for the health of the middle class, and a decent standard of living for both the Chinese people and the American people.

Thank You for your consideration,