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Open Letters to Jim Mattis

25 Jan 2018

Jim Mattis


Open Letters to:
Jim Mattis

Hey Mattis,

Do you really believe this crap in the 2018-National-Defense-Strategy-Summary, or did you just rubber stamp it out of loyalty for Trump?

Page 3: 'China is a strategic competitor using predatory economics to intimidate its neighbors while militarizing features in the South China Sea.'

Well that is certainly a creative interpretation of China's One Belt Road Initiative

Dude, we lost this 'Cold War 2.0' before you & Trump even officially declared it with NDS2018 last week. We lost this 'Cold War 2.0' decades ago when government policy failed to prevent offshoring of U.S. Manufacturing jobs and at the same time allowed our nation's infrastructure and education systems decay into the 'shitholes' they are today.

The U.S. Military is not going to prevent China from becoming the world's new dominant world super power (to a large extent; it already is) the Chinese are using their economic might to build the world, America has been using it's economic might to destroy it. While China manufactures and exports just about everything humans need to live (consumer goods & industrial machinery), America's biggest exports are Military Weapons and Military Occupations / Bases, the resulting death and human misery make us the biggest terrorists in the world, and everybody around the world except 'fly-over-country' Americans know this.

The way things are going; maybe we should be teaching Mandarin Chinese to our kids in our elementary schools. But no... It will never get to that... You and your ilk have too much pride; you'll kill off 80% of us 'useless eaters' with a nuclear war or bio-engineered diseases; possibly a well planned 'false flag' event, for lack of a genuine attack. You won't need us anyway with all the advances in automation and AI; 'We the People' just serve to overpopulate the planet, rapaciously consume it's dwindling natural resources, and make safety and stability for the 'Global Oligarchy '(whom you really serve) difficult to maintain and secure.

I sincerely hope that I am proven wrong here.


2/8/2018 Update:

So Mattis, this is how it's probably going to start, huh?

1. Chinese develop AI enabled Nuclear Submarine

2. Increasing tensions in South China Sea lead to Naval confrontations between US & Chinese vessels

Video Title:
DFN: Pacific Command Chief Updates Congress on Regional Challenges, WASHINGTON, DC, USA, 02.14.2018

Runtime: 02:16:45 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 08 Feb 2018


3. Either Chinese have an accidental missile launch attributable to AI malfunction during this confrontation, or a 'false flag' attack is initiated by some other means.

4. Chinese sub is then destroyed by nearby US vessel to eliminate evidence & witnesses of actual occurrences, leaving only the US narrative to be told.

5. Full scale nuclear war between China, North Korea and possibly Russia & it's allies against the United States, it's allies plus NATO soon ensues.

6. Large Civilian populations around the world (your so called 'Useless eaters'; no longer needed by the failing global economy with it's shift toward automation) become collateral damage and the global over-population problem is solved for another few hundred years.

7. Our global Oligarch overlords breathe a sigh of relief that they have finally solved the world's problems so they and their families retire to their lavish secluded islands and gated compounds to bask in their own omnipotence, establish newer, much smaller, easier to manage governments and economic systems.

Video Title:
Wealth Inequality in America

Runtime: 00:06:23 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 08 Feb 2018


8. You and yours continue to serve as the lap dogs of the aforementioned global elite, secure in your convictions that you are truly doing 'God's' work.

4/5/2018 Update:

The following is not mine,  but it dovetails with  the above...

'Automation is a response to cost of labor AND credit/debt. Automation cannot replace humans if it eliminates consumers that would pay for it. The big fat variable is debt that can 'create' money used to sustain those no longer working. Eliminate redistribution and entitlement spending and the trend would slow to match our economic realities.

The outlier is if debt is not only used to sustain the unsustainable, but that debt is used to fund massive tech innovation vastly outrunning society's ability to economically absorb it's impact. Further, this technology, if held by relatively few owners, could supplant the need for the vast majority of humans, making them a tremendously heavy and redundant overhead that will be eliminated at first opportunity.

Our threat is, as it has always been, our OWNERSHIP of our means of production and protection. Most have chosen to be consumers of technology rather than owners, and that leaves us vulnerable to the whims of our owners.

Humans have survived every kind of tyranny for one simple reason....we were necessary. Feudal lords tolerated our existence on THEIR lands as they NEEDED us to serve them, feed them and defend or kill for them. Our existence has been sustained because we were worth more alive than dead.

Once technology exists that serves man in every way, with only resources in limited supply, why would billions of useless eaters be allowed to exist, ESPECIALLY after years of warnings? Our precious earth being consumed by overpopulation, climate change, pestilence and disease, over working our soils, antibiotic resistant pathogens spread by teaming masses in poverty.

We have been warned for decades now, conditioned to accept the elimination of 'population'.... Not you or I of course, it will always be those ' other people'.

We live in dangerous times, and technology, like the gun, is not our threat. It is the people holding it.'
- Oldwood

4/21/2018 Update:

Now this may be a piece of unabashed, fear mongering, anti-American, anti-Semitic, Russian propaganda:

But... As the Chinese proverb says: Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

False flags have been used quite successfully in the past to sell a war to the American People and the less informed global masses, and there is no reason they won't be used again by the United States Government, especially now that the USA is loosing it's hegomonic status to Russia and China, and the US Dollar is likely to be replaced by the Chinese Yuan as the global reserve currency in the near future. Of course the US will not allow this to happen without resistance and they would rather crash the whole chess board to the floor, than lose the 'friendly chess match' in the eyes of the world, and be relegated to a 'has been' super power. Our government's reasoning seems to be: 'if we can no longer be in charge, we'll plunge the whole world into a nuclear war, and when the dust settles and the corpses are buried, maybe we'll be in a stronger, more dominant position than before the war.'

Mattis, in case you haven't figured it out yet: you, me and 99.999% of the people on this planet are merely expendable pawns in a global chess game for these sick, deranged, power hungry Oligarchs who pull your strings from the shadows. The world would be a much safer and pleasant place if these madmen were to retire, enjoy a few million dollars of their accumulated wealth, and send the rest of that enormous amount of capital back into the wider economy, instead of hoarding it and using it to threaten the whole world with their deadly hobby of global dominance and war. Maybe you and your peers can convince these guys to get more benign hobbies for their 'Golden Years'. I'm sure guys like Warren Buffet, the Koch brothers, and the others who are 'deeper in the shadows' of this global power structure aren't such bad guys, they just need less dangerous, more fulfilling hobbies to occupy minds, and idle hours with.

4/28/2018 Update: The new phrase of the day - 'Retire and Divest'

And speaking of Oligarchs who need to retire and divest.... Bill Gates with his 'Vaccination programs' (which we had run across in Mexico a few years ago) and his recent warnings about a 'significant probability of a large and lethal modern-day pandemic occurring in our lifetimes.'

I think we actually have more to fear from these Oligarchs commissioning,  financing or otherwise overseeing the bioengineering  and/or intentional propagation of some existing, naturally occurring pathogen to cause a 'modern day pandemic'; to get rid of a bunch of us troublesome 'useless eaters' who are undoubtedly a growing threat to the stability of 'Team Oligarch's' unopposed rule. They certainly have the money, the means and the motive, and we already know their / the government's modus operandi here.

6/26/2018 Update: Is Bilderburg your real boss, or is it some other shadow entity?

Interesting reading:

Will Bilderberg still be relevant as the future of war is transformed?

The Beginning of the End of the Bilderberg Era

But I'm not sure your true bosses would be this visable to the public, and I question this recent (June, 2018) glut of news stories and commentary about Bilderburg. It may be a planted story to distract our attention away from the real entity in power or some other event going on.

8/10/2018 Update: Here is an interesting theory about the masters you serve, and their goals:

'With all aspects America is the epicenter of world public and private corruption and gangsterism - a kleptocracy run by criminals complicit with corporate crooks, headquartered on Wall Street, profiting at the public’s expense.

Monied interests transformed the nation into an unprecedented money making racket, scamming ordinary people of their savings, jobs, homes and futures so privileged elites can get richer and more powerful.

From inception, the business of America has always been business - meaning license to pillage, defraud and benefit extralegally, including tax avoidance more than anywhere else worldwide, encouraging high-net-worth foreign individuals to shift funds to the US free from taxation.

Government of, by, and for its privileged few allows grand theft on an unprecedented scale. Markets are manipulated up or down for profit, scamming the unwary.

Authorities permitted the greatest ever wealth shift from ordinary people to its rich and powerful, the grandest of grand theft, facilitated by Fed controlled money, credit and debt - Wall Street owned and operated.

America’s dark legacy is largely concealed from view. Enormous wealth is hidden in tax havens or investments at home and abroad, free from taxation.

Wall Street banks and other giant US financial institutions are at the center of unprecedented criminality, aided by government co-conspirators.

Truth hurts the patriots. Can't hide behind the flag.' - Justin Case

Another good theory about our erroneous expectations of 'freedom of speech' in corporate america's social media.

'I think it's worthwhile trying to identify the root problem and it's not some fascist corporation censoring free speech, it's even more troubling and deeper than that. People are farmed (bred/educated/socially molded) to become unthinking cogs in a system where their only value is their labor and consumption. Modern society screams in their subjects faces that they destroy the planet, are stupid and require guidance and laws in everything, should shut up and just pay taxes, struggle and rack up debt to become attractive wage slaves and under no circumstances should they object to the constant indoctrination, poisoning, herding and soon culling. 1984 and Brave New World are utopian compared to what is being rolled out now. While most folks raise their fists at companies like Facebook and Google hardly anyone does anything about it. They are perfectly programmed to be passive observers and only follow the herd. A lot of people find comfort in complaining, protesting and objecting to these token symptoms and get all riled up and passionate debating them. Until enough people realize that it is their own decision to simply not participate in this concocted drama that will actually make a difference, it will continue. We're all simmering frogs now.' hugin-o-munin

10/26/18, Quote of the day

Mattis, If you run into Retired Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges with his '15 years until war with china' mentality; relay the following:

'' 'in 15 years we will be at war with China' '

How dare this tinpot war monger, puppet for the MIC use the word 'we'.

The US policy has to change from seeing every relationship in the world as adversarial and there position as a colonial empire, having to dominate and subjugate all other sovereign nations.

As long as this wrong view of the rest of the world is maintained and fostered by US policy the US is the worlds greatest threat to stability peace and progress.

The US policy of imposing its own advantage, or rather the advantage of it's system to enrich the less than 1% oligarchic elite, masking as 'freedom and democracy' has in fact turned the country into a slave state serving a mercenary military enforcing the the dominance of the few, supporting, tyranny, terrorism, and mayhem around the world.

The goals should be the elimination of conflict, WMD, and war and the creation of cooperation and mutually beneficial, sustainable and equitable progress for all mankind. This requires the acceptance of differences of political and economic systems, religions and cultures.

The US model is failing fast and their reaction is to create war, having no other tools in their bankrupt monetarist kit, and having used war for most of the 200 odd years of its existence, to aggregate power to its elite. In choosing this suicidal strategy, the US is not only self destructing but destroying humanity, and must be stopped.

I have no intention to be at war with China or Russia now or in the future, but I will sacrifice anything to change this insane policy of the US.' - Lucitinian

Well said Lucitinian, well said.

Sounds Reasonable:

'The banksters give the directions. It is neither the 'right' nor the 'left' that run anything. The banksters hold the world hostage to the threat of biological, chemical and nuclear destruction. You can't get any more childish or psychopathic than that. Politics exists to trigger the herd mentality fears to draw the unwitting into a false reality.

The truth is: the only capital they have, is the cooperation of the populace. There is no need for revolution. Revolution only changes who points the gun at your head. As the populace stops cooperating, the system slowly fades away. Their ability to fearmonger decreases as people stop listening.

Quit using their money, to the greatest extent possible. The system now depends on the 'velocity' of money to stay afloat. They're having a tough time holding the attention of the slaves. That's the first sign of mass awakening.' - rgraf

'Our government has kept us in a perpetual state of fear - kept us in a continuous stampede of patriotic fervor - with the cry of grave national emergency. Always there has been some terrible evil at home or some monstrous foreign power that was going to gobble us up if we did not blindly rally behind it by furnishing the exorbitant funds demanded. Yet, in retrospect, these disasters seem never to have happened, seem never to have been quite real.' - General Douglas MacArthur


10/26/18 Supplimental

Mattis, I'm not sure how much influence you have lately with the Whitehouse, but you should really get on top of idiots like Hodges. I think it is neccesary that we all do our part here.

Open letter to Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China,

President of the People's Republic of China,
Xi Jinping,

Dear Mr. President,

First I must make the statement that this letter constitutes my opinions alone and that I do not work for, or represent the United States Government, or any political or government entity therein, and that I hold no political or appointed government office of any kind.

I feel that I need to write to you directly because my government does not adequately represent me or the vast majority of the American people, and does not form foreign (or domestic policy) that is in the best interests of my countrymen or of the world community.

I am not sure if your administration is yet aware of the statements of a retired Lieutenant General of the United States Army; Frederick Benjamin 'Ben' Hodges III. Where he explains: 'A US war with China is likely within 15 years'.

This imbecilic, war mongering retired General does not represent the will or demeanor of the average, educated American citizen, and the a vast majority of average, educated American citizens do not perceive the People's Republic of China, or the Chinese people to be the United States' military enemy.

Most of my countrymen will however; agree that many of our well paying, domestic manufacturing jobs have been exported to the People's Republic of China, and many other developing countries that have a lower cost of manufacturing than the United States. Most of us Americans do not see this as the fault of PRC or any other country, and we squarely place the blame for America's failed industrial policy where it belongs: On America's corrupt leaders and elected officials of both political parties (the DNC and the GOP) who have consistently allowed large American companies to destroy our domestic manufacturing industries and do massive damage to the livelihood of the American worker.

This is not an issue that requires a war with China to remedy, this is an issue that requires the American people to demand accountability of their leaders who have consistently sold out the American people for decades, so that the richest 1% of our citizens and corporate interests can reap obscene profits, while the middle class workers of America are driven towards financial ruin and spiritual destruction.

This is an issue that requires commonsense domestic laws like 'The Right to Manufacture in America Act ' that will NOT make it illegal to export American manufacturing jobs to China and other countries , but it will reward those American manufacturers who are able to maintain manufacturing facilities in the United States.

I hope that you will find the wise path and negotiate with the leaders of my country for a future of peace and compromise that will allow for the health of the middle class, and a decent standard of living for both the Chinese people and the American people.

Thank You for your consideration,

11/23/2020 Quote of the day: Re dependence on China for war materials
'Trump admin is close to issuing a list of 89 Chinese aerospace and other companies that would be unable to access U.S. technology exports due to their alleged links to the PLA'.

And precisely what does the Chinese buy from the U.S. that is so important to the PLA??? China makes most of it's own military hardware, and exports much to the U.S.,. As a matter of fact, the U.S. relies wholly on China for rare earth metals for it's advanced electronic circuits in military equipment. Without that, lots of companies with military contracts would shut down overnight, like Raytheon, Lockheed, Sperry Rand, etc.,. Talk about a punch in the gut for the U.S. military!!!

Also, the U.S. Government Accountability Office offered one example in a report 3 years ago about how the U.S. military had to fund a U.S. factory in 2014 to produce the chemical
Butanetriol, used in the Hellfire air-to-surface missile, because, for the previous six years, the military relied on China for the chemical.

the United States is too dependent on foreign suppliers for a range of items including some micro-electronics, tiny components such as integrated circuits and transistors. Why? Because U.S. manufacturing has long since moved offshore, and there is no other manufacturing going on in the U.S.,. It also corresponds well with most of the accumulated 95 million job loses that occurred in the U.S., before the pandemic set in. Even as far back as 1989, when the USS Iowa's #2 gun turrent exploded, the only place you could get
16 inch gun barrel for replacements, was from China. Same with propellers for U.S, nuclear submarines back in 2012.

As a consequence to all of this, the U.S. military has no resilience on the battlefield, because it can't manufacture the equipment needed, or do it fast enough to replace damaged equipment.

So, whatever this trade deal is that Trump has hatched up, isn't going to amount to much, simply because the U.S. doesn't have the manufacturing capacity to put any teeth in the trade deal. On the other hand, China is probably giggling over the fact that they do not need the U.S. for their military hardware, and they have the Russians to share technology with anyway. America is just a lot of poppy-cock and puppy-poop!' -
Chief Joseph

Affirmation by TWP (Re dependence on China for war materials)

It doesn't matter if the 16 inch Naval gun is obsolete, the ability to make the components of one, particularly the large, heavy, cast steel barrel weighing in excess of 100 tons, which must be machined on purpose built machines, to tolerances of 1 /1000 th of an inch; represents the pinnacle of heavy industrial capacity, this is what made America 'Great', the 'Global Superpower' that shaped the world.

The industrial infrastructure designed to serve both Commercial and Military outputs, the hundreds of industries that contribute to the the tooling and materials that directly go into this, and all the second and third tier industries, as well as the ability to support and maintain a skilled domestic workforce needed for all of this industrial capacity is the REAL issue here. It is no longer debatable, the United States of America is in a serious state of decline, and it will most likely NEVER return to it's former glory.

When the United State of America can, again produce the 16 inch naval gun, or similar feats of industrial prowess, entirely from domestically sourced material and labor; we won't need some idiot like Trump to tell us he is going to 'Make America Great Again', because to even ask the question 'Is America Great?' would be like asking if the sky is blue.

Video Title:
Confirmed that some police were involved in the Capitol attack

Runtime: 00:00:24 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 08 Jan 2021

Capitol Police Office appears to waive people through the barricades during riots at U.S. Capitol building on 6 Jan 2021, another part of the ''theater'' surrounding this event.

Video Title:
Capitol police open doors for the protestors. They stand aside and invite them inside.

Runtime: 00:01:01 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 08 Jan 2021

Capitol police open doors for the protestors. They stand aside and invite them inside, during riots at U.S. Capitol building on 6 Jan 2021, more of the ''theater'' surrounding this event.

1/8/2021 Re: Former US Defense Secretary Mattis Suggests Trump Should Face Exile For Capitol Hill Chaos

We all know there is too much theater going on right now with this incident on Capitol Hill to make any real sense of it. The true nature of what happened here is not entirely relevant, becuase it will never be known to most. (like many such high profile events)

What is relevant is people's perception of what happened here. Shaping the public's perception is the stock and trade of an oppressive government and it's lackeys (like you).

This is not so much about Trump. When it is all said and done, Trump is just another swamp creature; not a native to the DC swamp, a transplant from the NYC swamp. The Zeitgeist of what happened on Capitol Hill, is of the frustration of the people is beginning to boil over. Even many of the intellectually challenged among us are starting to realize that the United States Government is irredeemably corrupt and clearly no longer represents the will of the people, particularly the Working Middle Class.

Despite the best efforts of the mainstream media to suppress it: there is a reasonable belief among large segments of the population that the presidential election has been stolen; for many this is the last straw, but this pot has been boiling for some time now. Maybe this is a ''Bastille moment'', maybe it isn't, but going forward; I don't think it will be an isolated incident.