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Syria and Bashar Al-Assad: Same CIA shit, different Arab country

06 Apr 2017

Syria and Bashar Al-Assad: Same CIA shit, different Arab country - Assad, can you hear me now?
Assad, now starring in 2017 remake of Woody Allen's political comedy: Banannas

Whenever you hear of conflict anywhere in the Middle East always look at the #1 suspect first: The CIA / bad US Foreign Policy that creates conflict to gain control of Oil and other resources in region.

Although much of what is probably going on in Syria behind the scenes / in care of CIA today, is no doubt highly classified. However there is enough of history of CIA involvement in the manipulation of the Syrian government for the past 70 years or so, to establish their culpability in today's Syrian conflict; either directly, or through indirect and incidental circumstance.

We don't need to write much about this, Wikipedia and others pretty much have it covered.

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Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World - from Soundtrack to -Real Genius- (1985)

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TWP Archive Date: 09 Apr 2017

UPDATE: 4/9/2017

As if arming one warring faction in Syria wasn't enough; CIA arms one faction, Pentagon arms another, and both factions commence to fight each other! How about that! Real Genius! This is what our tax dollars pay for.

1/11/2021 UPDATE:  It's still the same old CIA shit, but with a new logo!

It's still the same old CIA 
				shit, but with a new logo!

The CIA gets rebranded, gets a new logo for 2021.

''At least the new CIA logo is more honest in it's symbolism and more accurately conveys the actual function and increasingly globalized purpose of the agency.  No crest with eagle, no compass rose, and no mention of the United States of America.

It is not diffucult to grasp the symbolism here: They have no compass (moral or otherwise) and they no longer even proport to serve the interests of the people of the United States of America, for there is no suggestion of any nation they are supposed to be a part of, or tasked with defending; only a jumble of  loosely connected graph vectors at mostly obtuse angles, on a background of dark grey''
. - TWP

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The CIA rebranded, new year new me - Rania Khalek

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TWP Archive Date: 11 Jan 2021


UPDATE: 11/16/2017

Amazon Inc. / Jeff Bezos has $600 million contract with the CIA and sits on the Pentagon's innovation advisory board, and congress recently gave a larger share of government procurement to Amazon. There is no doubt that Amazon and Bezos are a player in this arena. If you want to help stop this CIA shit Is Amazon's Alexa 'Virtual Assistant'
working for the CIA?

News Article from UK Daily Mail -
March 9, 2017 Is Amazon's Alexa Virtual Assistant working for the CIA?
, stop buying shit on Amazon and lets have a serious national discussion about Sherman Antitrust prosecution for the Amazon / Jeff Bezos Monopoly.

Amazon poses a serious threat to free markets

Bezos’ Internet-cloud deal with the CIA worth twice what he paid for the Washington Post

The CIA, Amazon, Bezos and the Washington Post : An Exchange with Executive Editor Martin Baron

NSA Chief Who Oversaw Sweeping Domestic Phone Surveillance Joins Amazon Board As Director

Quote of the day About Amazon / Jeff Bezos:

'The worlds richest man, in league with the Military Industrial Complex, while the dunces push the Democrat VS Republican argument, without understanding they are all in it together. I make mid level business arrangements, purchases and deals all the time. Never have I refused to deal with anybody, because of their politics.

As the old saying goes, never mix business with pleasure. You make a mutually beneficial deal, and you go your separate ways. It's all about the fucking Benjamin's. The dunces and their limit hand to mouth existence, simply cannot get around the idea that supposed political enemies, do not combine forces when it comes to making money.

The meager IQ, and the partisanship of the dunces, makes this issue a blindspot for them, hence why they struggle to fathom why Killary [AKA Hillary Clinton] has not been investigated, let alone prosecuted, despite Trumps bogus promises that he would. Condi Rice & Colin Powell, were bedfellows with the Carlyle Group, despite the history of that company.

Amazon in time, and at current trajectory will be just as embedded inside the MIC as Halliburton, and just as morally bankrupt. Left vs Right is a fucking sideshow when it comes to making money. Left and right is primarily an issue to the dunces, and those without money. As somebody correctly said 'Amazon is truly the evil empire' and they were 100% correct.' - To Hell in a Handbasket

Update: 4/16/2018

If you still watch, listen or read hard news about anything important, especially U.S. foreign policy and actions in war zones, and you believe any of it, then I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. I Don't know anything about this guy Hugh Smith, but it sounds like he 'gets it', at least on this issue of Syria.

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CIA And Pentagon Arming Opposite Sides In Syria

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TWP Archive Date: 16 Apr 2018

CIA And Pentagon Arming Opposite
Sides In Syria

Video Title:
CIA and MI6 Plot - Regime change and assasination in Syria in 1957

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TWP Archive Date: 16 Apr 2018

Syria Assassination Plot of 1957

Video Title:
The Innocent Man The CIA Had Tortured In Syria

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TWP Archive Date: 16 Apr 2018

Extraordinary rendition 2001-2003

Video Title:
CIA admits orchestrating syrian coup of march 1949

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TWP Archive Date: 16 Apr 2018

CIA agent Miles Copeland Jr in an interview with the BBC

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History of the post-war Syria: Operation Wappen

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TWP Archive Date: 16 Apr 2018

Operation Straggle & Wappen in 1956

Syria F*ckery by CIA Started with: March 1949 Syrian coup d'état:


In Syria, militias armed by the Pentagon fight those armed by the CIA - LA Times

Syria Assassination Plot: 1957 Intel. Documents Reveal How Eisenhower and Macmillan Conspired against Syria

U.S. Foreign Policy Perspective - Clients Enemies and Empire - Syria 1956-1957

and continues to today in 2018

Robert Fisk - I traced Al Qaeda missile casings in Syria back to their original sellers... None other than American Defense contractor Raytheon

Update: 6/24/2018

We have heard a lot about Syrian refugees and others descending upon European countries in droves in the past year or so, fleeing the violence that the United States ultimately caused in their homelands with our years of fuckery of their governments and political processes, as shown above.


Now our news media and our daily conversations here in the USA are *dominated (and when I say dominated, I really mean jammed down our throats by every progressive or left leaning organization with an e-mailing list) with news and discussions of families of Latin American Refugees (many from Honduras) coming illegally into the United States and the intense controversy surrounding our government separating these families and detaining the children in tent cities / detention centers near the southern U.S. border.

It should be no surprise to anyone that the United States Government had a hand in this humanitarian crisis as well; with our fuckery of Latin America beginning over 100 years ago, including Honduras, by the CIA and their predecessor agencies & actors to protect the interests of the United Fruit Company and their banana plantations there, which is literally where the term 'Banana Republic' comes from. Again: same CIA shit, different country, and different corporate interests.

How can anyone still consider the United States of America a benevolent and humanitarian global leader?

*DNC Is that you who is really pushing this refugee family detention issue so hard; just to make the GOP look bad in the 2018 midterm elections? (as if either party really cares about these poor refugees & their kids; except of course, as a source of cheap domestic labor for your corporate supporters, whom you truly represent.) (And as if it really makes any difference, or will result in an actual change of outcome to the average American citizen: which major political party's corrupt, self serving candidates actually gets elected).

Video Title:
David Tuck Holocaust survivor - America does not run concentration camps

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TWP Archive Date: 24 Jun 2018

Oh... and by the way; stop the bullshit already, these refugee camps are not concentration camps.

While we can't agree with Mr. Tuck's assessment of America being the best place in the world today, (it may of been the best place in the world in 1945, but a lot has changed since then)

Mr. Tuck can authoritatively call bullshit on progressives labeling this immigrant detention another holocaust.

Update: 8/12/2019

An Interesting take (and the quote of the day) on Compulsory (that is: Compulsory for the developed country) Immigration from 3rd world countries to developed countries:

Salvini Erupts At Richard Gere: 'Why Don't You Take Italy's Migrants To Hollywood On Your Jet'

Quote of the day:

'Memo to Gere.

Forced immigration is not about compassion, it’s about breaking the back of the dominant culture to accomplish global control.

I suggest (if you are really concerned) start with the source of these influxes, the globalist’s war machine, currently churning up the middle east and Sub Sahara Africa. My guess is if you tried that they’d find you in your French hotel room, suicided by a robe belt on a door knob.

(Sincere 'Celebrity activism' did not work out too well for Anthony Bourdain)' - MilwaukeeMark

Video Title:
Fox News - Tucker Investigates - What is destroying rural America

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TWP Archive Date: 12 Aug 2018

Anyway.... In that vein, I think most non-ignorant and non-bigoted people can agree on a certain state's right to exist, but when you people apparently undermine, infiltrate and generally facilitate wholesale political corruption on a national level, to the point that it greatly affects the standard of living and economic future of a lot of good, hardworking people and their progeny, you are setting yourself up for a backlash (when these blissful idiots finally wake up from their mass media induced slumber) that you may not be ready for.

Now I'm fully aware that all successful governments are involved in this sort of Statecraft, but this is getting to be 'over the top' now. You should really start thinking of winding these sort of operations down.

I would hardly call Mike Bloomberg running for POTUS to be 'winding these sort of operations down'. It's getting to the point where the average man on the street can't tell where the government agency 'ends' and where the criminal organization 'begins'. All I know is that none of this seems to be in my best interest, nor in the best interests of the average 'single citizenship' working class American citizen. The Plausible Deniability Factor is getting pretty thin here.

Or what about Paul Singer?