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The United States of America is the worlds largest Military Superpower

However, The United States Government abuses this power. US foreign policy does not work towards the interests of world peace, or creating a better world. The US Government works in the interests of Multinational Corporations and the richest 1% of the population. Most people are unaware of the real stories behind why we fight wars, and how we made so many enemies that our government 'sees fit' to have over 800 military bases around the globe.

What is important to understand here on this Website:

If nothing else on the other pages of this website would sway your opinion of The United States of America and the world we live in, and the need to make some changes that benefit the average Working Middle Class people, then at least consider the following works which may be a little easier to 'digest'.

Video Title:
Jackson Browne - Lives in the Balance

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TWP Archive Date: 27 Mar 2017

Jackson Browne - Lives in the Balance
(unofficial theme song of people everywhere who can understand True World Politics)

Video Title:
George Carlin -The American Dream

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TWP Archive Date: 27 Mar 2017

George Carlin 'On the American Dream' George Carlin may have been a foul-mouthed comedian from Manhattan , but at times in his career he spoke a lot more truth than any politician. Apparently, the only way to get the truth past the censors in the mainstream media is to call the truth 'comedy'.

The Global Elite Have Far More Control Over Us Than Most People Would Dare To Imagine

Although we have not read Michael Snyder's book: 'Lost Prophecies Of The Future Of America', and we certainly don't endorse buying it from Amazon, this article: 'The Global Elite Have Far More Control Over Us Than Most People Would Dare To Imagine'; posted on (obviously to sell his book) makes many valid points about the illusion of democracy that we live in.

While it may be 'organic', (and not a conspiracy) for super-large multi-national corporate entities to form naturally, in the course of business; this does NOT mean they do not threaten the Working Middle Class, and that their size, power, and influence on governments, at all levels should not be severely limited.

2/15/2021 Open letter to ''The People''

Video Title:
What Are You Going To Do In The War

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TWP Archive Date: 31 Jul 2021

Jerry Day - Excellent analysis of what we are currently experiencing in the world today with the "COVID" scam, the rise of China as a world power through the takeover of global manufacturing, and decades of corruption in the United States Government

When are people going to wise up about this "COVID" global scam?

It is the seasonal flu, but some people in high places have a vested financial and political interest in selling this "COVID" scam in a "last ditch" attempt to maintain some physical control over a populace who's standard of living has been declining for years, and is about to get a whole lot worse in the coming months and years.

Our governments and their compliant lackeys hope to implement and ramp up all of these ''COVID'' restrictions before people begin to wake up in sufficient numbers to the fact that our standard of living can not be maintained in the status quo, when there is almost no significant physical manufacturing to keep it all afloat. Look around you, the evidence is everywhere from mass homelessness, to monetary inflation, to a stock market that is disconnected from the "main street" economic reality.

It is the wealth generated by physical manufacturing via the capacity and ability to produce the goods that people need for their daily lives, that gives nations their real strength and elevated standards of living.

The global balance of power has been shifting away from from Europe & America and towards China for decades; because we all collectively allowed it to happen by allowing our nations' manufacturing & industry to be outsourced by the actions and inaction of politicians / elected officials who hold no genuine allegiance to the people whom they are supposed to represent; because they are in the pockets of the ''Global Elite'' via their Multinational Corporations, and other front organizations who pump virtually unlimited and obscene amounts of money into our election campaigns.

Don't delude yourselves into thinking that you serve some noble and greater purpose by serving your respective governments, these ''Global Elite'' will throw you and yours ''under the bus'' when they no longer have need of you. Demand real solutions from your governments, solutions that will bring about a real increase in your standard of living and quality of life, not some "warm and fuzzy" feeling of "Patriotism", such as flag waving at football games or wearing a face-mask / ''face diaper'' to show your support for your government, and above all; don't buy into the manufactured fear of this fake pandemic; like sheep being herded to slaughter.

Base your idea of patriotism on the long term standard of living afforded to you and your community by the actions and policies of your government and elected leaders, and you can't go wrong.

P.S.. Oh... and this "Woke" B.S. is just the newest way for the ''global elite'' to divide us among ourselves. The American civil rights movement that started in the 1960's had genuine merit and sought positive change in society, but this "Woke" movement will only succeed in destroying the culture of productivity and system of rewards based on merit, that all societies need to foster in their populaces, if they intend to have a desirable and sustainable standard of living.

Also, as a long term educational goal: Acquire some knowledge of the History of Western Philosophy starting with the Age of Enlightenment, it would go a long way to helping you understand the world we live in, and make you more able to think and reason for yourself, without relying on the mainstream media to tell you how to think.

More good video:

Video Title:
Going Underground 7 Sep a must watch

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TWP Archive Date: 14 Sep 2020

Do not discount this video Just because it comes from RT. As with anything piece of information: If you can fact check it, and it 'checks out', then the source should be irrelevant for those who honestly seek the truth.

Note: as of 01/05/2021 this video has been confirmed to have been removed from Youtube, it may have been removed sooner.

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If you like what you see here and want to support this website and it's future content, share it with others, via any means that is comfortable for you, and take action to question and to hold our government officials and their Oligarch masters accountable for the wrongs against 'We the People' and the world at large. Thank You.