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The Real Cause Of Radical Islamic Terrorism And The Rise Of ISIS

Written 8:06 AM ET, Wed February 24, 2016

The Middle East's Version the signing of the declaration of 

The Middle East's Version the signing of the declaration of Independence

Many people do not study history.

Why are we really at war in the middle east? Why do we really have an entire region full of people that hate us and want to do us harm?

Perhaps it has something to do with the 70+ years of America, Britain and France (to name a few) spent covertly and overtly undermining the governments of middle eastern countries for OIL (or more recently Lithium in Afghanistan). Maybe it's all the killing and misery we inflicted on these people during our pursuit of OIL?

a good place to begin research:

and look up 'Operation Ajax 1953' (AKA 1953 Iranian Coup)'├ętat

Operation Ajax was the operation described in the opening scenes of the movie Argo (2012) (scenes which most people forget about when they watch this movie)

Argo Opening Scene

Operation Ajax book Trailer

Why are we in Syria?

7/7/2018 Update:

This is what War Propaganda looks like in the age of social media. videos/2039873829358175/

Maybe you believe the 'party line' about bringing freedom & democracy to these places, with the arrogant idea that our way of life and political system is superior to theirs, or maybe we just call our arrogance 'American Exceptionalism' and claim that it is our 'God given right' to subjugate these 'Heathens' .

The only way that any American can justify all of this, is if we convince ourselves that 'their oil belongs to us' and that just makes us a nation of thugs and bullies.

The technology exists for us to move to alternative, renewable and clean energy; we should do this as soon as possible, and by doing so: eliminate every real reason for us to maintain a presence in the middle east, and further inflaming these people's anger and hatred of us.


Miscellaneous Memes that illustrate this point:

meme that Tea Party can understand - The Real Cause for Terrorism

real cause of Islamic terrorism meme that tea party and other American patriots can understand