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Technocratic Oligarchy Rising

28 Sep 2020

9/28/2020 - The confluence of 'Dangerous Technology & The Surveillance State' and 'Gender Studies'

A very disturbing and frightening image that portends the further rise of the Surveillance State and the Technocratic Oligarchy is making it's rounds on the internet today.

Video Title:
Robot Dog ���� Strolling in the street - Weischynk

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TWP Archive Date: 28 Sep 2020

Video shows a Boston Dynamics Spot, a quadruped dog-like robot platform encountering a couple of North American, English speaking young women at night on a well lit street in an urban setting. The two young women fawn over the robot while it proceeds down the sidewalk, it appears to sense them and then engages in flash photography of the couple briefly before continuing to proceed down the sidewalk.

Video Title:
Boston Dynamics latest promotional video (The TWP Mix Version) - Robots dancing to contours - do you love me

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TWP Archive Date: 31 Dec 2020

Just ''Creepy'', see for yourself.

People, there is no doubt that autonomous robots like these will be the street level enforcers of the Rising Technocratic Oligarchy emerging around the world today. This robot platform and it's capabilities to carry a plethora of sensors, electronics packages, and weapons of all kinds should frighten any thinking person.

Not only is this robot's capabilities a clear and present danger to our freedoms and our humanity, this video is a warning that we as a society need to make changes to the way we have reinterpreted gender roles in contemporary society that is inconsistent with tens of thousands of years of human evolution and survival as a species.

The first response this robot elicited from the young women, clearly a typical feminine response, of treating the unknown device as if it was a kind, friendly, non threatening creature, like a dog or a child is telling. It is clearly an indictment of the inability of the typical woman of child bearing age to respond appropriately to a potential threat.

Women of child bearing age should be the first among us to realistically and honestly reevaluate the inherent strengths and weaknesses of their gender. These gender based personality traits are firmly rooted in biology, were honed by eons of successful evolution, and can not be disregarded entirely in order to satisfy unrealistic contemporary demands for social justice through some artificial construct of 'Gender Equality'.

To disregard these very real gender differences is to put women and society at large in unnecessary danger, in addition to the reduced efficiency of placing people in societal roles for which they are less than ideally suited for at the most fundamental and primal levels.

Video Title:
NYPD -Digidog- robotic Police Dog from Boston Dynamics

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TWP Archive Date: 16 Dec 2020

These robots are already being used for Military and Law enforcement duties. The future is clear in this regard. It may not be full on ''Terminator'' yet, but it ''The writing is on the wall.''

This can not be ignored. NYPD and other law enforcement agencies may attempt to justify the use of these robots by saying it will save officer lives. This misses the real issue: The street crime and civil strife being combatted here is caused by a broken and demoralized society, the wealth inequality and the elimination of human worth, brought on by bad government policies implemented through decades of the unhealthy and excessive influence of Oligarchs and Technocrats at all levels of government, they are the ones who need to be brought to heel.

Airmen watch a test of an unmanned ground vehicle at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida. - Similar to Boston Dynamics 'Spot' robot

Airmen watch a test of an unmanned ground vehicle at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida. Tyndall plans to use the 'computerized canines' to aid in reconnaissance and enhanced security patrolling operations across the base. - Photo Credit - Air Force Airman 1 st Class Tiffany Price

Just take a bite out of that Apple, Honey.

Steve Jobs - Think Different - Vintage Apple Computer Advertising Campaign

You can peel away the urban legend and rumor, but we may never know the actual reason why Steve Jobs chose the logo of an Apple with a bite taken out of it; to represent the computer company that he and Steve Wozniak founded in their garage, that went on to be a major component of the Technocratic Oligarchy that threatens humanity today. The Judeo-Christian Biblical reference to the Apple and the serpent in the story of Adam and Eve from the book of Genesis, can not be totally ignored though: The representation of the fruit of the tree of knowledge (of good and evil), was an easily recognizable visual element that lent itself well to the way that home computers were being marketed by Jobs et al. to middle class American families at the time, most of whom were Christian or Jewish.

Separate out the 'religious baggage' of 'God's' divine judgment and punishment associated with this story of the Apple and the Serpent; and view it's key parts as if it were one of Aesop's Fables. What is left is a secular, cautionary tale traditionally used to educate children. This story tells a simple and indisputable truth of human nature: Males and Females of the human species Think different, behave differently and often apply different logic and thought processes, based on biological imperatives that inescapably influence our emotions and decisions. The moral of the story is that great harm can befall a society if these differences between the sexes are not taken into consideration when dividing up and assigning societal roles and duties.

Video Title:
SUPERINTELLIGENCE Trailer (2020) Melissa McCarthy, James Corden Movie

Runtime: 00:02:41 | Original Video Source:

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TWP Archive Date: 28 Nov 2020

Oh... and Honey; this Technocratic Oligarchy we are becoming subservient to through our increasing acceptance of and reliance on centralized, networked technology, is not the sentient Artificial Intelligence entity with the voice of James Corden and comprised of the globalized internet of things that achieves consciousness, and resolves to study and impartially judge the fate of humanity based on the behavior of one average woman -
As portrayed in:

Superintelligence (2020) the sappy, narcissistic, 'made-for-Americans'  movie, especially tailored to stroke the egos of childless, unfulfilled, middle age, mediocre tech-worker drones, the inevitable outcome of their mother's generation's reverence for the rantings of Gloria Steinem; who fantasize that their meaningless career and 'contribution' to, what in reality: is a dystopian global surveillance state administered by multinational corporations, was worth it, as long as everybody is happy in the short run; because if so, everything will just work out.

''Masculine republics give way to feminine democracies,
 and feminine democracies give way to tyranny.'' Aristotle c. 350 B.C.

Video Title:
Disturbing simulation shows power, terror of killer robots

Runtime: 00:07:46 | Original Video Source:

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TWP Archive Date: 01 Nov 2020

Today in 2020 the robotic capability shown in this video is 'only' a simulation. However, all of individual technologies shown here currently exist in some iteration. Integrating these technologies together to achieve this capability is not all that difficult from an engineering and fabrication standpoint. It would be naive to think it has not already been done in secret by existing defense contractors, tech startups and the odd garage inventor.  We need to get out of the mindset that technology continues to benefit mankind.

'The things that technology brings us today can be put into three categories:

Toys, Toxins and Tyranny' -
Author Unknown

'I believe that beginning somewhere in the early 1990s we achieved the point of diminishing returns on the benefits of new technology. Currently, our relentless pursuit of technology and the implementation of this technology has become detrimental to our species.' - TWP (On The Cult of Technology.)

11/13/2020 - Universal Basic Income (UBI) is integral to the transition toward the Great Reset being ushered in by the Global Technocratic Oligarchy.

The idea of 'Welfare for All', paying all people or vast swathes of the public a stipend to allow them pay their basic living expenses, it would not be connected to work or productivity, it would just be handed out by the government. There are already pilot programs here in the US.

Now this may sound attractive to many who are struggling to find jobs or adequate employment, but this is idea of UBI is not the savior of the working poor, or anyone else who would become dependent on it. The implementation of UBI is a tacit admission by it's promoters, that the current economic system is failing, broken, or in any case; just unable to allocate resources and essential commodities effectively to all members of society.

This is no different to the incentive plans that were experimented with in the Soviet Union when the Soviet planners began to realize that communism could not meet the levels of productivity seen in western free market capitalism. To openly admit that communism was failing against the capitalist west would lead to the collapse of the soviet system, social & political unrest, and chaos (this was later to be seen at the crash of the USSR in 1991). So what the Soviets did beginning around the 1960's and increasingly into the 1980's, was experiment with incentive plans tied to productivity, in other words; they needed to inject elements of free market capitalism into their failing Communist system to make it work, but they could not call it that.

So we need to look at UBI being used by this Oligarchic Capitalist system as an injection of Communist elements into a failing and corrupted system, but none would dare admit that the system is failing.

Eventually the financial weight of all the people collecting UBI and not producing anything of value will be too great for the system to bear, and there will inevitably be 'social unrest' when the UBI they give you will, through inflation / rising prices no longer be able to sustain your existence.

Try to imagine where this is all heading. Set aside the abstract concept of what Americans believe 'freedom' to be, because it will inevitably be lost with UBI, if it is not already gone; just consider the following simple equation: How much do you think your life will be worth to the Globalist Oligarch Masters when you are producing nothing of value, while collecting UBI and consuming the planet's diminishing resources?

When nearly all manufacturing jobs have been outsourced, AI and robots take the rest of the jobs, even agriculture and food production is automated, and your labor is not needed for anything at all. Now your existence in this world is a liability due to your potential for revolt against your masters; how long do you think you and your offspring will be allowed to live on this planet?

How about instead of UBI, we cut down on imported goods, bring manufacturing back to this country and put people back to meaningful work, then limit the influence of these Oligarchs pushing UBI in our government, and breaking up their monopolies to keep them out of power and from presenting themselves an existential threat to all of humanity.

Video Title:
Support the Technocracy - Wear your Mask

Runtime: 00:01:49 | Original Video Source:

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TWP Archive Date: 06 Dec 2020

Joke? - I asked my doctor: 'How long will COVID-19 be a health threat?'
My Doctor says: 'I don't know, I don't follow politics'

Everything you really need to know about COVID-19

11/14/2020 - Quote of the day - Re:
Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell Admits The Truth - We are Not Going Back To The Same Economy

'This has always been the plan. There never was any intention of going
 back to 'normal.' Now it is being openly admitted. Freedom lives or dies
 on this hill. The Great Reset is the end of traditional freedom passed
 down through the Magna Carta, the French Bill of Rights, and the
US Constitution as we know it. The plan is to return  the world to a
serfdom model of pre-Renaissance Europe where permission must be
GRANTED to have access to even the most basic of needs. Look at
the Biden healthcare plan. It clearly mentions 'tying government
benefits to a COVID vaccination program,* what can only be
considered unlawful experimentation on human subjects...' - lwilland1012

* According to this July 2020 government study / report, titled: 'The Public's Role in COVID-19 Vaccination' conducted by John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and supported by the National Science Foundation, It would indeed appear that recommendations were made, and possibly preparation and planning is being made to make receiving food stamps and rent assistance contingent upon receiving an experimental COVID vaccine. Also note the list of members of this working group includes Luciana Borio, MD, Vice-President, In-Q-Tel, who was invited to serve on the Biden-Harris COVID-19 task force. Arlington, Virginia based In-Q-Tel, the Pentagon & CIA's venture capital arm, has a colorful history of seeding companies that we are beginning to recognize as part of the Technocratic Oligarchy like Google.

International Monetary Fund Logo

12/21/2020 The International Monetary Fund
(IMF) is researching the use of people's online information such as web browsing history, social media posts, online search history and email data. The IMF published a white paper on this research and is examining protocols for having banks use this information to calculate your credit score either in conjunction with traditional ''hard'' financial data, or in lieu of it.

Either way it is discomforting to know that anything you say and do online can have real world financial consequences. This is just one more example that the internet and social media is no longer a plaything, and has evolved to surveil and collect information on you; it may soon be regularly used to punish political dissent in a supposedly "free" democratic society like ours. If you want to see how this is going to play out, just look to China with their ''social credit score'' system, among other things you can be denied bank loans and credit cards for criticizing the government or CCP.

Video Title:
The Mainstream Media News - Operation Mockingbird in operation

Runtime: 00:01:41 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 16 Nov 2020

Tools of the Technocratic Oligarchy

Do not fully believe anything you see on the mainstream media, much of it is scripted and possibly part of a CIA disinformation campaign. 'We the People' are on our own for finding out the truth and accurate news and information about current events.

Notice that these individual news casts come from a variety of major TV & Cable networks, not just one 'player' here; they are all compromised, and not a single one is to be trusted.

'If you believe everything your see and hear on the mainstream media, you are a fool.' - TWP

Video Title:
Dr. Robert Epstein Testimony before a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution

Runtime: 00:07:06 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 06 Jan 2021

Google has the power to shift people's votes by manipulating search results, and may have compromised both the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections.

''Failure to contain Big Tech is the biggest failure of 2020'' - Charlie Kirk

Google went from being a ''mild mannered, humble librarian of the internet'', to an absolute Orwellian monster. It is about time that something is done to break up Google's virtual monopoly on internet search; just don't hold your breath waiting for the U.S. Government to make any meaningful changes to anything, that will be of any real benefit to the working middle class.

Video Title:
Political Disruptions: Combating Disinformation and Fake News

Runtime: 00:02:17 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 16 Nov 2020

Video except credit: Max Blumenthal - status/1326575255444402176

Council on Foreign Relations - final session of the 2018 College and University Educators Workshop, Kelly M. Greenhill, Joan Donovan, and Benjamin T. Decker assess the challenges of disinformation and media literacy, and its role in U.S. democracy, with Richard Stengel.

Significance of this video: it is a formal admission that the United States Government / the U.S. State Department propagandizes the American people through the mainstream media and actively promotes an official narrative.

Video Title:
President John F Kennedy Secret Society Speech - version 2

Runtime: 00:05:23 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 25 Nov 2020

In a speech to the American Newspaper Publishers Association on April 27, 1961, president Kennedy warned the nation about the dangers of secret societies within government, and of the importance of a free and uncensored press to a free and open society.

This speech is probably more profound today, in 2020 when we are witnessing wholesale censorship in social media, and the establishment of 'official narratives' that are parroted by all of the mainstream media, while all dissent gets pushed out of the national conversation.

In fact, the idea of 'unacceptable' speech is becoming so commonplace, that there is even a name to define what constitutes the limits of acceptable speech: The Overton Window

Video Title:
The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation

Runtime: 00:29:54 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 28 Dec 2020

No discussion of the Oligarchy would be complete without including at least a basic explanation and illustration of the Oligarchy's Primary Power Structure: Banking, Finance and Fiat Currency creation.

Although this webpage focuses on the alliance of the Technocracy and the Oligarchy; it is important to note that the collection of networked, interconnected digital devices, and systems of internet based communication, online media, including but not limited to the ''Internet of Things''; that are being formed into the global surveillance network, a ''Digital Gulag'' if you will: The physical and virtual hardware and infrastructure of the "Technocracy" and the people who administer it. This so called Technocracy is only the most recent tool or branch of a much older system of oppression and enslavement that creates and uses fiat currency to dominate people and every aspect of their lives from cradle to grave.

Note: The main point of this video is to offer a very simple introduction to the study of banking and finance as a Oligarchic Control Structure, and to begin to elaborate on the  the amount of power and influence that the banking and finance industries wield on global society.

While we may never know the true story about the JFK assassination; the idea that JFK was assassinated due to his promotion of Silver Certificates has been debunked quite well by the Corbett Report episode 389.

However, do not discount the following:

Allowing an elite banking cartel free reign to convert a nation's Commodity Backed Currency into Fiat Money can have serious consequences for a nation and it's people.

There needs to be additional research and discussion on the actual socio-economic impact of President Nixon taking us off of the Gold Standard in 1971 and, if warranted: A reversal back to the Gold Standard.

Video Title:
Fiat Money - an Investopedia educational video

Runtime: 00:01:41 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 02 Jan 2021

There needs to be additional research and discussion on the actual socio-economic impact of President Nixon taking us off of the Gold Standard in 1971 and, if warranted: A reversal back to the Gold Standard.

Video Title:
Do not Acquiesce to fascism. Original (overly dramatic) title: [CLASSIFIED] Watch Within the Next 24 hrs - PREPARE NOW

Runtime: 00:10:07 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 28 Dec 2020

We at TWP are not a big fans of ''Anonymous'', this operator or group of operators seems generally light on facts, overly dramatic, and some of what they release might be planned opposition or controlled ''leaks'', sprinkled with tidbits of real, possibly recently declassified information; designed overall to confuse, misinform, or discredit those who have the budding inclination for independent thought.

However, some of what they release; like this video, which contrary to it's original title; does not seem to contain anything of a specific ''classified' nature; appears to contain some common sense observation and useful advise.

In 1961 President Kennedy, in his ''Secret Society'' speech (see above) warned of just this sort a global conspiracy, and the need to be vigilant against it. This video takes it a step further and reminds us we need to come together as a human family, set aside our differences, and do not acquiesce to the creeping fascism that is devouring the world and jeopardizing the lives of future generations. The Technocratic Oligarchy can not rise if we simply refuse to cooperate with it.