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Open Letters to
Congressman Michael McCaul

Written 7:40 am ET, Mon Jan 29, 2019

Congressman Michael McCaul


'Since when have we Americans been expected to bow submissively to
authority and speak with awe and reverence to those who represent us? The
constitutional theory is that we the people are the sovereigns, the state and
federal officials only our agents. We who have the final word can speak softly
or angrily. We can seek to challenge and annoy, as we need not stay docile
and quiet.'
—Justice William O. Douglas, dissenting, Colten v. Kentucky, 407
U.S. 104 (1972)

Greetings, and welcome to Sealy, Texas (10th Congressional District)

'Greetings, and Welcome to Sealy'

Oh... And the 1971 movie 'Punishment Park', was a cautionary tale, not a training video for prosecutorial staff and tribunal members tasked with enforcement of the McCarran Internal Security Act,  the actual US Federal Law (50 U.S. Code § 843 - Application of Internal Security Act of 1950 - page 246)  which this pseudo-documentary is based on.

Note: the detention portion of this law which authorized, these 'American concentration camps' was repealed in 1971, the same year as the release of this film. One can only wonder what other obscure laws are still on the books (or have been created lately), like the above mentioned Internal Security act of 1950; that could be construed to allow the United States Government to round up and detain non violent political dissidents without evidence or due process.

Too many American people (even some of the 'well' educated) live their entire lives believing in the fairy tales of 'American freedom and democracy' and that America, to the exclusion of all other countries, is the 'Land of the Free' with the best system of government the world has ever seen. Congressman McCaul, what do 'We the People' really get from our Tax Dollars? What say do we really get in how these monies are spent? Who really benefits from any given expenditure of our Tax Dollars? I suggest you read Financial Tyranny: America Has Become a Pay-to-Play Exercise in Fascism

As for Mr. Ray Dalio's recent interview on CBS' 60 Minutes where he identifies wealth inequality as a 'National Emergency': It is pretty obvious that multi-billionaire hedge fund founder Mr. Dalio's concerns regarding the consequences of wealth inequality in this country (and globally) are too little, too late. It seems that only when the 'pitchforks' start to become visible to them, do any of the oligarch elites start to get a little nervous, and would acquiesce to pawning off the least possible portion of their wealth and political power in order to stave off 'a much worse outcome'. This is by no means a victory for the common man, but it does show that cracks are starting to appear in the foundation of the status quo.

'The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.' - Frank Zappa

Open Letters to:
Congressman Michael McCaul
Regarding the following statement: 'Sanctions Against Venezuela State-Owned Oil Company, PDVSA'

On 1/28/2019 6:32 AM?, House Committee on Foreign Affairs wrote:

January 28, 2019

Caroline Campbell
McCaul Statement on Sanctions Against Venezuela State-Owned Oil Company, PDVSA

Washington D.C. – Today, House Foreign Affairs Committee lead Republican Michael McCaul (R-TX) released the following statement in response to the Administration’s announcement to roll out new U.S. sanctions against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s state-owned oil company, PDVSA.

'After years of mismanagement and plummeting production, the illegitimate Maduro regime can no longer be allowed to siphon off the proceeds of Petroleos de Venezuela at the expense of its citizens. Maduro’s socialist policies and systemic corruption have created a humanitarian crisis in which millions of people are suffering greatly. The United States and our allies must continue to use all tools necessary, including economic and diplomatic, until democracy is restored in Venezuela.

'I continue to stand with interim President Guaidó and the brave people of Venezuela. The Venezuelan military should stand with the people and help facilitate a peaceful transition of power. It’s time for the socialist nightmare of Nicolas Maduro to come to an end.'


HFAC Republicans Press Shop | 2066 Rayburn House Office Building

Hey McCaul,

At least you people are being honest lately about your intentions when you seek to undermine, overthrow and otherwise meddle with the affairs of sovereign countries, whilst using my tax dollars to pay for it. What happened, nobody believes that tripe about the United States needing to uphold freedom & democracy or to protect some persecuted minority in the clutches of some evil dictatorship?

You want to talk about 'Illegitimate Regimes' and 'Systematic Corruption', why don't you look closer to home? Are you trying to tell me that the Citizen's United Supreme Court Ruling isn't about acceptance, normalization and legalization of corruption and creating an illegitimate regime that represents the largest campaign donors in as opposed to the will of the people?

Where is my national healthcare?

Why are American manufacturing jobs being outsourced at the behest of multinational corporations who happen to donate to your (and your peers in the House and Senate) re-election campaigns?

Why has national educational infrastructure been declining, and wages for skilled professionals been declining while you and your peers in government issue almost unlimited H1B visas to import skilled professionals?

Why are pharmaceutical companies allowed to flood the market with opiate pain killers, thus creating epidemic levels of prescription drug abuse?

Why are the employers of illegal aliens not punished for hiring these undocumented workers arriving in our country daily, while there are so many American citizens unemployed or under employed?

Why are middle class wages stagnant for decades while the cost of living has increased consistently and relentlessly?

Why are the wealthiest 1% the group with the largest increase in their net worth in the past 20 years while all other groups declined in net worth and standard of living or barely maintained it?

You will never answer these questions, much less correct the problems these questions expose.

So when you e-mail me trying to garner my support for you and your corrupt peers to meddle in the affairs of sovereign countries, and plunder their resources so that your buddies and business associates in the Oil industry and Defense industry can continue to reap obscene profits while my standard of living and that of my peers continues to decline, and my country is turning into a 3rd world circus; I'm sure you can understand why I can't even feign support for you or the corrupt government you represent.

You don't represent me or anyone I know, this 'Democratic Republic' is a sham, it always has been, you people don't even keep up appearances of legitimacy and nobility of purpose anymore.

You know who

1/31/2019 12:49 (In response to ACLU, Re: Trump's wall is crumbling - but we have to keep up the fight)



So it's not politically correct (according to the ACLU) to stop illegal immigrants or otherwise try to enforce immigration laws on them.

What about investigating and punishing the businesses and American citizens that are hiring these illegal immigrants?

If the ACLU is really on the side of down-trodden American citizens, your organization would be interested in preserving the jobs, wages, and standard of living of these poor American Citizens, who can't make an adequate living because illegal immigrants who are willing to work for less money are taking jobs and lowing wages. It is simply supply and demand.

When you take the side of illegal immigrants, you are taking the side of the rich American employers who seek to exploit cheap labor.

I fully agree; Trump's wall is a waste of resources that will accomplish almost nothing in terms of preventing illegal immigration; but the bottom line is: The rich who really run this county by financing the political campaigns of both the DNC and the GOP, don't want illegal immigration to stop because it benefits them financially by devaluing labor with the goal of maximizing profits.

Rest assured that when the rich truly want illegal immigration to stop, it will happen immediately without much fanfare or discussion and without your organization sending me countless e-mails attempting to solicit meager contributions.
Oh... and if you want to make the point that the United States took (stole) Mexican land to form Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California; and we 'owe' them something for this; then I propose we give those states & territories back to their rightful owner: the Mexican government. However, if we don't plan on ceding Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California back to the Mexican government, then that land is still part of the United States, and as such our federal government has the right to prevent a harmful invasion of non-citizens into our country.

You know who

On 1/31/2019 11:18 AM, ACLU wrote:

 Dear ACLU Member –

 Last week, mounting pressure from thousands of activists like you forced President Trump to reopen the government with a temporary funding bill. But make no mistake: Trump will keep fighting for his border wall and for more funding for his detention and deportation force. To get his way, he's even threatening to shut down the government again or declare a national emergency.

 Right now the ball is in the House's court. Your representatives are currently negotiating a new funding deal, and we must stop any attempts to give DHS a raise.

 Call Congress now: No border wall, no more money for Homeland Security to abuse and terrorize immigrants.

 I've been in court fighting family separation and the asylum ban, so I know firsthand that the department responsible for these cruel policies, DHS, does not deserve the unprecedented raise that Trump wants to give it with the next funding bill he signs. He's digging in his heels, so we have to demand that Congress cut DHS's massive budget.

 Thanks for staying in this fight,


2/11/2019 (In response to: House Foreign Affairs Lead Republican Michael McCaul's - Statement on 40th Anniversary of the Iranian Revolution)



Does anybody actually believe this tripe anymore?

Are Americans so ignorant of history that they would believe what you are saying about this?

See my rebuttal here:

'Of course it has nothing to do with the Iranian's Oil !' </sarcasm>

Furthermore, I think the Middle East, and particularly the relations between Israel and Iran would be much better today, maybe even 'brotherly' in nature; had the United States and the UK not manufactured this conflict in the course of manipulating Iran's government to have access to their Oil.

No American who truly understands what United States did, and continues to do in the Middle East can be proud of their government.

It will serve you and yours right when world stops trading in US dollars and stands up to bullying by the United States. The prosperity that you and your Wall Street buddies see through the US dollar being the world reserve currency; does not affect my standard of living in any meaningful way.

If you want my support, then spread the wealth. You can start by getting me and my family (and the rest of Americans) the same health insurance (and healthcare) that you, as member of the US Congress get; and do so with the money we already pay in taxes. Then I might be inclined to think a little differently about you and your peers in Congress and the Senate 'Spreading Freedom and Democracy' around the world in my name. (We'll talk about improving public education later.)

You know who

February 11, 2019
Caroline Campbell
McCaul Statement on 40th Anniversary of the Iranian Revolution

Washington D.C. – Today, House Foreign Affairs Lead Republican Michael McCaul (R-TX) released the following statement on the 40th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution.

Lead Republican McCaul: 'Forty years after the Iranian Revolution, the government in Tehran endures as the world’s leading state sponsor of terror. Today, Iran persists as a destabilizing threat in the region and around the world due to its support for the Assad regime and terrorist groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas, proliferation of ballistic missiles, and taking of U.S. and other foreign hostages. Iran also continues to oppress its own people. The United States will continue to lead efforts to deny Iran access to nuclear weapons and apply pressure on the regime to uphold international norms and behave as a responsible nation.'


HFAC Republicans Press Shop | 2066 Rayburn House Office Building

2/13/2019 Supplement to:  (In response to: House Foreign Affairs Lead Republican Michael McCaul's - Statement on 40th Anniversary of the Iranian Revolution)

Though one would hardly believe it today; the Jewish people and the Iranians (Persians) as regional neighbors had decent and even peaceful relations since Biblical times going back some 2700 years; but it would seem that 'all of a sudden' in the 20th century, when coincidentally the United States and Britain got involved in the Middle East, and when Oil was discovered in Iran in 1908, things turned for the worse between the Jewish state of Israel and Iran. Today as we are all accustomed to hearing; Iran and Israel are at each other's throats to the point of one threatening the other with nuclear annihilation and the other with retaliation in kind.

People...It doesn't take a degree in international political science to see what is going on here. Even the most basic search on Wikipedia will yield enough of information so that the average person could get a clue to what is really going on here, and to see through the Bullshit of the United State's official narrative of this situation. 


Hey McCaul,

Here is something to take back to Washington with you: Among other reforms like correcting the oligarch friendly Citizens United Supreme Court Ruling, the right sort of banking reform would go a long way towards helping to fix the wealth inequality in this country that is leading to it's downfall:

'People here need to realize that the problem doesn't end with the Fed. The problem extends throughout the banking system. The SI-FI banks are systemically important and TBTF for a reason. They are the owners of the Fed. They are the ones with the power to create new money in the economy by lending ex-nihilo.

We live in a rentier economy where productive investment doesn't create jobs and income sufficient to purchase what we need to live. This is policy, not chance. The German model of banking is far superior to the Anglo model. German banking is 70% non profit and public. The U.S. has only one public bank, the Bank of North Dakota, which was healthy and strong during the 2008 'crisis.'

Germany has 1,500 banks. The 70% non profit number is restricted in their lending to small and medium sized businesses and restricted to lending inside the local jurisdiction of the bank. The result is small ideas easily become productive incomes by people, not corporations.

The Anglo style of shareholder social organization means public policy (very much including banking) is done for the benefit of corporations and their shareholders, not the people. In America, the 2 political parties use identity politics to keep the population fooled. Both parties represent the corporate shareholders.

German and Nordic countries are stakeholder societies that put people first over corporations. Germany is filled with small and medium sized private companies.

People here should understand that the blame needs to extend to the entire banking system and the policies for the banking system that come out of Washington. This means not just the White House but congress and the Supreme Court.'
- Seamonkeys


Sealy, Texas - Enterprise Crude Pipeline LLC - Sealy Station 979-234-1108

Surely Enterprise Crude Pipeline LLC's decision (on or about 4/5/2019) to paint an advertisement: 'American Oil, American Jobs' including an American flag on the side of their Oil storage tank in Sealy Texas (clearly visible from I-10 in Sealy, Texas) has nothing to do with bad press from two different toxic, carcinogenic oil tank fires in and around Houston, Texas in the past month or so. Especially since this particular tank (#3505) had been built nearly a year ago.

Should we be reminded of all the Firefighter jobs that will be created, or the Cancer Treatment centers that will need to hire more personnel when residents living in vicinity of these tanks contract cancer from the toxic substances emitted from these facilities?

multiple-tanks-burn at-deer-park-oil-chemical-facility-march-17-2019.pdf


Despotism, an Erpi Classroom Film produced in 1945 by Encyclopedia Britannica Films and Harold Dwight Lasswell, Yale University

Congressman McCaul,

In 1945 an educational film listed above: 'Despotism, an Erpi Classroom Film' was produced by Encyclopedia Britannica Films and Harold Dwight Lasswell, a leading Political Scientist and professor of law at Yale University. (for those of you too young to remember; Encyclopedia Britannica was like a pre-internet Wikipedia)

The film tells the 1945 viewer how to rate a society on a scale between 'Democracy' and 'Despotism' based on certain criteria like 'Respect in society', 'Power of citizens', 'Economic Distribution' and 'Control of Information'.

I'm sure Americans in 1945 were pretty confident that the United States was high on this scale of Democracy vs. Despotism. After all, we had just come out of WWII, and we witnessed the rise of Nazi Germany, fascist Italy and Spain, the rise of Soviet and Chinese Communism and other repressive regimes around the world, which would certainly rank towards 'Despotism' on the scales presented by this film.

So let's watch this film today, as modern-day Americans:

In the age of the internet, and internet censorship, particularly censorship of Facebook, Twitter and Google search results.

In the age of post 9/11 and the Patriot Act.

In the age of government retaliation against whistle blowers like Edward Snowden and Julian AssangeWikileaks.

In the age of Citizen's United and Money equaling speech.

In the age of the Wealth Inequality where the richest 1% hold 38% of the wealth and the bottom 90% hold 73% of the debt.

How do you think the United States ranks today on this 1945 scale between 'Democracy' and 'Despotism'?

I tend to believe that in addition to the topics listed above, the fact that there are so many multi-millionaires (like yourself) in the US Congress and the Senate, is a pretty good indicator, that the common people are not adequately represented in government, and therefore we as a nation rank more towards despotism today, than we did in 1945.



Houston Area Community,

I enjoyed the film: 'The Silence of Others', Friday, August 16, 2019, at 7 p.m. presented by The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

It was very thought provoking, and I had some comments about it, which I will share with you all in this e-mail in lieu of Facebook or Twitter. I have been to Spain a few times; most recently to Seville and some other cities earlier this summer, and I have some Spanish ancestry, so I don't think I am totally 'out of line' in commenting on this.

The movie was a Spanish documentary mainly about the survivors of the violent dictatorship of Francisco Franco who ruled Spain from 1939 to his death in 1975, and their quest for justice for members of Franco's administration and particularly ranking members of Franco's Police and Security services who tortured and executed Spanish citizens based on dissenting political beliefs and speech.

A major part of the documentary was centered around Spain's 1977 Amnesty law:

Which prevents prosecution of former members of Franco's regime from prosecution from human rights violations, and apparently is designed to bury old political conflicts (which led to past violent conflicts), and try to ensure that Spain can proceed as a peaceful democratic nation.

The documentary mentioned that Spain's Parliament (similar in function to the US Congress)

had voted this law into existence with something like a 99.5% majority; that is some 244 Parliament members voted for it, and only 2 voted against it.

This documentary centers around what would seem like a rather small minority of Spanish citizens who have teamed up with one or more international rights groups that are seeking to bring to trial, under international laws (in Argentina); Franco's minions, who are still living, and who have actually participated (or ordered others) in torture and killings of Spanish citizens during Franco's rule.

So... To re-cap, a Spanish law with overwhelming 99+% Parliamentary support will not allow the prosecution of these individuals in Spain, as a means of keeping the peace in Spain and avoiding political conflict. However, a small group of Spanish citizens (whom I will certainly say have legitimate standing in this case) are being assisted by international organizations to attempt to prosecute these individuals for Human Rights Violations.

I have no problem with this, it is certainly the right of the victims and their relatives to pursue justice for the heinous crimes perpetrated by Franco's minions against them and their loved ones.

The problem I have, is with the actual motives of the people who are promoting and presenting this film here in Houston, namely: The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.

Let's examine the source of some of the endowments that financed the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. See the attached PDF: 'Bayou City's philanthropic legacy - Houston Chronicle 171122'

As per this Houston Chronicle article from 2017, a few of these endowments cam from the following people / prominent Texas families:

Arts - Who was Caroline-Wiess Law

All of these very wealthy and politically powerful people / families represent Multinational Corporate Interests of one sort of another, and most of them have something to do with Multinational Oil Companies.

As laudable as it sounds, that these powerful and well connected people would promote a film that seeks to find justice for victims of Franco's Fascist Dictatorship; I believe what they really want to promote is increasing the precedent of using international laws to override the laws of a sovereign nation and the will of a majority of its citizens.

Such ability to override the laws of a sovereign nation come in particularly handy when you are a Multinational Corporation that seeks to plunder the resources of some resource rich nation, that you don't have access to due to some pesky national government and the will of it's 'peasants'. So if you can find charges like Human Rights Violations that you can prosecute it's leaders for, you can have your mercenary military forces (Usually, but not always: the United States Department of Defense) go in and forcibly remove any obstacles to you taking said resources.

People.... The individuals and their families who promoted this film in Houston are of such a stature in the economic and political workings of this country, that 'We the People', are about as insignificant as the footnotes on the balance sheets of their corporate financial statements. You may feel confident now that these Wealthy Individuals and their Multinational Corporations are exploiting other nations for what you may perceive as 'your benefit', but your are mistaken if you don't think that they are already exploiting you and corrupting our government with the unlimited money they can spend to influence our elections, thanks to Citizens United.

You see, the poor are easy for these wealthy individuals to control and keep down, because the poor are typically not well educated and are fighting just to keep 'their heads above water', they can't see past their next meal, or their next rent payment and paycheck; to be concerned enough about the sophisticated methods these Wealthy Individuals use to manipulate our political and financial systems.

The middle class, who do have the education, a little bit of money (but not real capital) and the free time to ponder the schemes of these wealthy individuals; are the real challenge they face to maintaining their dominance and control of our political and financial systems.

But they have a 'toolbox' to handle us middle class thinkers, to keep us distracted and confused about what they are really doing to us and our country, and the most powerful tool in their toolbox for 'Handling' us is Art; including all of it's traditional forms from painting and sculpture, to cinema, and architecture, right up to modern day web design and social media.

The conversion of Art to Propaganda is nothing new, it has existed before the invention of writing and should not surprise anyone.


Forget the whole 'Left vs. Right', 'Republican vs. Democrat', 'Liberal vs. Conservative' manufactured political conflict that we endure here in the United States. This conflict was manufactured by the same sort of people who finance MFAH. The real political conflict in the United States of America is the Poor and Middle Class against these Ultra Rich individuals and the Multinational Corporate interests they represent.

If the financiers of MFAH happen to be reading this little screed of mine and you want to prove me wrong in my assertions, I invite you to produce and promote a documentary on the following subject: (and successfully lobby for laws that make this scenario happen)

The paradox of property laws that govern Federal Airspace (via The Federal Aviation Administration) with property laws related to Mineral Rights.

Example: if you own Realestate, you only own the Airspace up to the highest point on your house / building or the tallest tree on your property; and for good reason. Because if you owned everything, all the airspace above your property you could technically charge tolls to passing aircraft and charge rent to the owners of satellites who remain in stationary orbit above your property. So rightly the US Federal government has stepped in and deemed that they, the Federal Government own all the airspace above your property. This prevents a few large & lucky land owners from growing fabulously wealthy and politically powerful by exerting a financial choke-hold on the American People, by controlling an essential public resource: Air Travel.

However, this is not true of the ground space BENEATH your property, for some strange reason, the same legal concept that allows the FAA to own and administer all Airspace in the USA, has not been extended to some federal agency (probably the US Geological Survey or the now defunct Bureau of Mines), to own and administer all the ground space beneath the foundation of your house and the deepest roots of the trees on your property. In neglecting to similarly regulate under-ground space as they have done with airspace, they have allowed a few large & lucky land owners to grow fabulously wealthy and politically powerful by exerting a financial choke-hold on the American People, by controlling an essential public resource: Oil & Gas and all other minerals and resources.

In fact The Shell Oil Company bought up perhaps millions of acres of land in Texas in the early 1900's , put deed restrictions on these properties that stipulate that they (Shell Oil) own the oil beneath the ground and that future owners of the land must allow Shell Oil Company to enter the land at any time to extract that oil. Shortly after placing the deed restrictions on this land, much of the land was sold and subdivided over the years, but the deed restrictions remain intact and have been held up in Texas courts to this day. I believe that this is a theft of national resources that rightfully belong to the people of the United States of America.

Please send a documentary filmmaker to tell this story of corporate fascism and oppression to the world, and promote it in your museums.


You know who


Dear Bernie Sanders 'Our Revolution' Campaign,

I took a look at your website:

Please reciprocate and take a look at my website:

Maybe after doing so; you and Bernie can see fit to adjust the group's platform to be more in line with helping the standard of living of AMERICAN CITIZENS, not ILLEGAL ALIENS.

By pandering to the Latino vote and seeking to keep open the 'flood gates' of immigration to these third world ECONOMIC MIGRANTS you are doing real and measurable damage to African Americans, particularly those in America's Inner City 'Ghettos', who ARE LEGAL U.S. CITIZENS, and have been damaged economically for decades, in part by job loss and suppression of wages due to the influx of unskilled laborers your organization seeks to continue to let pour into this country.

It's pretty easy to see why Bernie didn't get the black vote in the previous election /DNC nomination. (even if Hillary and Wasserman et al. did rig the DNC nomination against Bernie)

I agree: It is the Billionaires / Oligarchs and their Multinational Corporate Interests that are ruining our standard of living and subverting our government via the Citizens United Supreme Court Ruling, but it is the Billionaires / Oligarchs and their Multinational Corporate Interests on both sides of the 'Left versus Right' false dichotomy that we are all being pushed into, including those like George Soros, and Eric Schmidt that have agendas that align with many of the planks in your platform.

See this video about Google/ Eric Schmidt

The Truth About Google, Eric Schmidt and China -  With the exception of the 'China / North Korea poison & antidote theory' this video seems pretty plausible on most accounts.

 (If the Chinese do have Kompromat on Schmidt, it would probably be something of a sexual nature like what we see in the Jeffery Epstein case)

With the exception of the 'China / North Korea poison & antidote theory' this video seems pretty plausible on most accounts. I think Google and it's top people like Eric Schmidt are some of the biggest threats to democracy and individual privacy in this country.

As long as it is the Oligarchs of any stripe or cause that are 'pulling the strings' behind the scenes in the United States Government; the idea of 'democracy' and the legitimacy of elections in this country are a complete joke for anyone who possesses at least average intelligence, and any modicum of critical thinking ability.

You know who

A good idea on voting:

'Maybe the answer is to not vote; it only encourages them.

But they have everyone so brainwashed into thinking that if we don't vote,
the candidate we don't like will win, and we will be even worse off.
What we really need is a ballot with 'None of the above' and if
the highest vote total is for 'None of the above', then all
candidates on the ballot are disqualified from this and future elections
for that office, and there is a do-over with new ballots with new
candidates plus 'None of the above'.

Hell, we would probably be better off if we just let people file for an office
and then randomly drew a name out of a fishbowl to determine the winner.
A few village idiots might get into office,
but then isn't that what happens now with elections?'
- Sid Davis

October 2019

On The Cult of Technology.

First, I am no Luddite, I grew up during the 'home computer revolution'', I used to embrace technology and all of the promise of better living and convenience that it seemed to offer for the future. However, I believe that beginning somewhere in the early 1990s we achieved the point of diminishing returns on the benefits of new technology. Currently, our relentless pursuit of technology and the implementation of this technology has become detrimental to our species.

I don't know who to attribute this pearl of wisdom to, but I think it is quite accurate:

'The things that technology brings us today
 can be put into three categories:

Toys, Toxins and Tyranny' - Anonymous

So in addition to 'voting with our wallets' against the obvious consumer junk that does no good for our bodies and minds, and which also allows 'big brother' to ratchet up the tyranny level by being able surveil us more easily and cheaply; We need lobby congress to stop wasting national resources and our tax dollars on quantum / theoretical physics and these related 'sciences' like what is going on at CERN and our own Fermilab. So called research at these institutions, which at this point bear less resemblance to science than to some New Age Sorcery or pseudo-religion.. Although such pseudo-science makes an excellent premise for entertainment (see Stargate and Stranger Things) it does nothing for solving the problems that most affect our society. Here is a good quote on this:

'Frankly, we don't need to keep pushing the boundaries of Science. More than that, we need NOT to. For five centuries or so.

Up until around 1500, intellectuals generally disdained the physical sciences to concentrate their energies on moral and ethical issues. There was a good reason for that: politics, and political power, was and is the most important and controlling feature of human life after the agricultural revolution increased population densities to the point where disagreements could no longer be managed by moving off into uninhabited territory. The 'discovery' of the Americas and Australia allowed a brief resurgence of that method of conflict management just as Europe's internal conflicts were becoming uncontrollable in the 18th century. But that hiatus ended in 1914. The brash promise of mid-20th-century Science that it and it alone, would render conflict unnecessary by filling the world with goodies and providing new homes in Space for all of the world's dispossessed has had time to prove itself a mirage.

You are never going to have flying cars, hoverboards, colonies on Mars or, most importantly, Stardrive. The Real World imposes hard limits on human expansion and 'growth'. Because of this, it's time for intellectuals to stop beating their heads against the brick walls of material reality and get to work on the issues of politics, economics, and JUSTICE in a finite world. Because you aren't going to make it infinite by wishing it so. Or by pouring billions of dollars down the toilet at CERN and other cutting edge research institutes. We have to learn how to live with what we have, and that means learning how to make hard choices about life, death, reproduction and distribution of resources by some means other than Might Makes Right.'
- Faeriedust

Everything that we see in the mainstream media, movies, television, etc. is financed, controlled and promoted by Oligarchs and multinational corporations which are all owned by the same group of institutional investors. It is safe to say that nothing makes it into the mainstream media that does not promote the interests, favored narratives, and ideas deemed 'to be safe for public consumption' by the ruling elite and their lackeys. So when you see top notch entertainment with lavish sets and special effects, employing the best writers and cinematographers; you can rest assured that there is something in this production that the Oligarchs want you to see and shape your belief structure around.

Using mainstream media and popular science fiction in an attempt to 'hijack' the belief system of non-religious intellectuals and get them believing in secret government projects to discover parallel dimensions, wormholes, and other such theoretical quantum nonsense is just another tool in the Oligarch's toolbox to deal with those who are smart enough to think outside the 'religion box'.

In the past, the major religions (no doubt, at the behest of the rulers of the day) promoted the idea that 'all earthly authority' comes down from 'God', so that if you question or disobey your rulers, you are disobeying 'God'.

In the past, traditional religions were corrupted by the ruling elite of the day; for the purpose of enabling unquestionable political and social control of the populace with the threat of divine retribution for transgressors. Today with science and technology supplanting religion as the new authority in explaining how the physical world works; we find our modern day rulers inventing and promoting, with all the power of their corporate owned mass media; a new age, pseudo-religion with just enough real science mixed in, to make it plausible to those who are smart enough to eschew traditional religious dogma.

We all need to question the status quo of wealth inequality and the legitimacy of the undue political power wielded by the Oligarchs and their lackeys in our supposed 'democracy' / 'Democratic Republic'.


July 2020 - Open letter to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Response prompted by finding links to CDC Corona Virus info on top of most Google Searches)

I'm really tired of hearing about this BULLSHIT 'COVID-19' narrative that the United States government and it's minions in the mainstream media are pushing in order to keep the American people in a constant state of fear and uncertainty so that they can be easily controlled , put under increased surveillance, and have our civil rights abridged without much objection. I refuse to wear a mask in public and I refuse to acknowledge this media hyped Seasonal Flu as a health pandemic for the general public.

This, like most of the other things in the past that the government wants us to fear, are meant to distract the American public from the fact that the economy is wrecked and has been for some time now, and Multinational Corporations and Billionaires have achieved total control of the Untied States Government and it does not represent the American people and does not serve our interests; 'We the People' are merely 'Tax Cattle' for this Oligarch & Multinational Corporate controlled entity masquerading as a 'Democratic Republic'.

I have a plan for the Billionaires and the Multinational Corporations that they represent, to gracefully and peacefully give up their wealth and power and to transition political power back to the American working middle class, WHERE POLITICAL POWER BELONGS.

You can read my plan here:

August 2020  -

Here is an interesting take on the 3rd Amendment......

'The Third Amendment may be the most misunderstood of the Bill of Rights. Folks say 'Oh, I don't have a soldier living in MY house, so the government isn't violating THAT right!' The problem is, they could not possibly be more mistaken.

To truly understand the rationale of the amendment, we have to go back to Boston in 1774. 'Big Government' was Great Britain. DHS/FBI/ATF was the British Army. Quartering British troops in Colonial homes served two purposes. First, it was a way to force the colonists to financially support a police state that they otherwise opposed, much like your Federal income taxes do today. If left to your own good will, would you voluntarily finance DHS, ATF, or TSA? Back then, they had no income tax, so forcing colonists to provide room and board was their way to achieve the same end.

Second, and perhaps more important, quartering troops in colonial homes was an effective way of monitoring (i.e. spying on) the colonists. How safe would you feel freely and openly voicing your honest (anti-government) opinions with an armed government agent (hostile to those opinions) living in your house as a permanent resident? How easy would it be to sneak out to the weekly meeting of the Sons of Liberty with a government stooge watching your every coming and going? How could you ever read Thomas Paine's 'Common Sense' with a government agent prowling through the house?

Nowadays, the government doesn't need to put a DHS agent (or a soldier) in each house. We have the Patriot Act, the NDAA, and the NSA, as well as the Federal income tax to fund it all. It is far easier to tap your phone, read your emails, fly a drone over your property, or use other methods of electronic surveillance.

That is why the British quartered troops, and THAT is the real reason for the Third Amendment.' - Author unknown

September 2020 -  Open Letter / Survey Response to Wells Fargo Bank

Re: Contactless Credit & Debit Cards

Wells Fargo Logo

Dear Wells Fargo Customer,

We wanted to follow up regarding your recent visit to Your Local Branch branch on September 1, 2020, and we would like to hear about your experience.

Your feedback will help Wells Fargo continue to improve our customer experience. Please take a couple of minutes to complete this short survey.

How likely are you to recommend Wells Fargo to a friend or family member?
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Survey Comments:

When speaking to the banker in person, in the branch to order a replacement Visa Debit card I was able to choose the options of a regular 'Chip' card and a 'Contactless' card. I will ALWAYS prefer the card which does NOT have any wireless / passive radio capabilities. The wireless technology utilized in these 'Contactless' cards is not secure and can be hacked by someone of modest knowledge of Radio Technology and related equipment, leading to one's account privacy being compromised and money being taken.

I hope that Wells Fargo customers will ALWAYS be given the choice in these matters in the future. Otherwise, customers may take it upon themselves to disable these features that compromise their security and privacy, or if that is not possible; just choose another bank that does not force the use of this 'Offending technology'. This 'Offending Technology' also includes forcing customers to own and use a smart phone with internet and/or texting capabilities to do business with your bank.

I am a law abiding citizen, but I don't want my privacy violated by having such 'Offending Technology' pushed on me by Multi-national corporations (including Wells Fargo). This Offending Technology has the side effect of enabling your company and those affiliated or allied with it, including the U.S. Government, to have unwarranted Surveillance capabilities upon the general public, giving this government / multinational corporate alliance unconstitutional powers that are leading to a totalitarian government / multinational corporate amalgam that threatens to further oppress and enslave all of us 'peasants'. The use of debt and access to banking is just one more means of control and coercion being imposed on all of us.

I hope this little screed of mine finds it's way to your upper management. A lot of people in this country are growing more upset each day about the centralization of power in all aspects of our lives; and banking is one of the biggest offenders after actual warrant-less government surveillance.

12/7/2020 An Excellent idea on student loan bailouts and changing the way student loans are made:

''Warren was sent to Washington to engineer a bailout of the higher education complex that doesn't include the institutions matching funds from the Federal Government or entirely ceding their endowments.

A student loan bailout would effectively be a back-dated bailout of higher education institutions.

What should happen is that the higher education institutions should be forced to lend the cost of the education to their students
instead of investing their endowments on Wall Street.

IF the institutions held the student loan debt on their books then they would be forced to only take good prospective students and provide educations worthy of jobs that can pay back the loans.

This would put an end to all of the bogus race/gender/ideological grifting courses and end diversity quota ideological games in higher education as well.

The communists, feminists, gender-fluidity culture ideologues, post-capitalist, and trans-humanists would be relegated back to the fringes.

It would restore sanity and fiduciary discipline to the higher education complex.''
- doom porn star