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COVID-19 / The Corona Virus 'Scam-demic' Analysis and the Final Word

10 May 2020 : Originally published as 'News Updates'
and periodically updated through 17 November 2020

20 November 2020 : This page now considered 'historical only'
with addition of Dr. Roger Hodkinson video testimony

10 May 2020

11/17/2020 - This IS the final word on COVID-19 - and the final 'nail in the coffin' of this media / government collaborated scam - 'Dr. Roger Hodkinson on COVID: This is the Biggest Hoax ever perpetrated on an Unsuspecting Public' and the Great Barrington Declaration

Here’s the transcript of Hodkinson’s testimony: (Original video is available below transcript)

Printable PDF COVID-19 / Corona Virus Public Response Medical Doctor's Bearer Note
(based on Dr. Hodkinsons Testimony)

This is Dr. Hodkinson, I just wanted to let you know I’m standing by.

OK, well we would love to hear from you, the floor is yours.

Thank you very much. I do appreciate the opportunity to address you on this very important matter. What I’m going to say is lay language, and blunt. It is counter-narrative, and so you don’t immediately think I’m a quack, I’m going to brief outline my credentials so that you can understand where I’m coming from in terms of knowledge base in all of this.

I’m a medical specialist in pathology which includes virology. I trained at Cambridge University in the UK. I’m the ex-president of the pathology section of the Medical Association. I was previously an assistant professor in the Faculty of Medicine doing a lot of teaching. I was the chairman of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada Examination Committee and Pathology in Ottawa, but more to the point I’m currently the chairman of a biotechnology company in North Carolina selling the COVID-19 test.

And [inaudible] you might say I know a little bit about all of this. The bottom line is simply this: There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians. It’s outrageous. This is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public. There is absolutely nothing that can be done to contain this virus. Other than protecting older, more vulnerable people. It should be thought of as nothing more than a bad flu season. This is not Ebola. It’s not SARS. It’s politics playing medicine and that’s a very dangerous game.

There is no action of any kind needed other than what happened last year when we felt unwell. We stayed home, we took chicken noodle soup, we didn’t visit granny and we decided when we would return to work. We didn’t need anyone to tell us.

Masks are utterly useless. There is no evidence base for their effectiveness whatsoever. Paper masks and fabric masks are simply virtue-signaling. They’re not even worn effectively most of the time. It’s utterly ridiculous. Seeing these unfortunate, uneducated people — I’m not saying that in a pejorative sense - seeing these people walking around like lemmings, obeying without any knowledge base, to put the mask on their face.

Social distancing is also useless because COVID is spread by aerosols which travel 30 meters or so before landing. Enclosures have had such terrible unintended consequences. Everywhere should be opened tomorrow as well as was stated in the Great Barrington Declaration that I circulated prior to this meeting.

And a word on testing: I do want to emphasize that I’m in the business of testing for COVID. I do want to emphasize that positive test results do not, underlined in neon, mean a clinical infection. It’s simply driving public hysteria and all testing should stop. Unless you’re presenting to the hospital with some respiratory problem.

All that should be done is to protect the vulnerable and to give them all in the nursing homes that are under your control, give them all 3,000 to 5,000 international units of vitamin D every day which has been shown to radically reduce the likelihood of Infection.

And I would remind you all that using the province’s own statistics, the risk of death under 65 in this province is one in 300,000. One in 300,000. You’ve got to get a grip on this.

The scale of the response that you are undertaking with no evidence for it is utterly ridiculous given the consequences of acting in a way that you’re proposing. All kinds of suicides, business closures, funerals, weddings etc. It’s simply outrageous! It’s just another bad u and you’ve got to get your minds around that.

Let people make their own decisions. You should be totally out of the business of medicine. You’re being led down the garden path by the chief medical officer of health for this province. I am absolutely outraged that this has reached this level. It should all stop tomorrow.

Thank you very much


Video Title:
THIS is a Meeting Privately Recorded in EDMONTON Alberta Canada last week! - Dr Roger Hodkinson

Runtime: 00:05:27 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 20 Nov 2020


Other interesting stories:

1/5/2021 - Nurse in Portugal DIES SUDDENLY two days after getting Pfizer Covid vaccine. Sonia Azevedo, 41 worked for Instituto Portugues de Oncologia (IPO) in Porto, Portugal.

12/29/2020 - Enlisted members of U.S. Military may be at risk for being used as test subjects for experimental COVID-19 vaccines that cause serious health issues and DEATH in some instances. Interview with Former Military Medic Sherrie Saunders sheds light on some of U.S. military's past policies and procedures of administering vaccines to enlisted personnel. video below

Video Title:
Former Medic Whistleblower Exposes How the Military is Testing Experimental Vaccines on Soldiers Using them as Lab Rats

Runtime: 00:17:27 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 29 Dec 2020


12/29/2020 - CDC issues report dated 12/19/2020 that warns of severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) following receipt of COVID-19 vaccination both Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines are implicated in the report. Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

12/28/2020 - Nurse who fainted during televised interview after receiving COVID Vaccine
Increasing evidence obtained independently by amateur internet fact checkers suggests that Tiffany Dover-Pontes, a critical care nurse at CHI Memorial hospital in Tennessee, who collapsed during a televised interview after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, may in fact have died some 10 hours after receiving that vaccine. Several so-called fact checking websites are denying this story, but none seem to provide evidence that shows that Mrs. Dover is still alive. - Video below.

Video Title:
Nurse Tiffany Dover-Pontes is dead, confirmed, check for yourself on Ancestry

Runtime: 00:03:24 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 27 Dec 2020


Video Title:

Runtime: 00:10:15 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 27 Dec 2020


Video Title:
Critical care nurse at CHI Memorial explains her fainting after COVID-19 vaccine

Runtime: 00:03:45 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 28 Dec 2020


12/24/2020 New Research Thread on COVID-19

''If the Medical Establishment wants to inject Politics into Medicine
to promote this Fraudulent Pandemic,
we will inject Medicine into Politics to expose this Fraud.''
  - TWP

The following is our pick for ''Quote of the day for 12/24/2020'' it introduces fresh perspective for independent research on COVID-19 health and medical & related topics; certainly not because it is well written, but because it brings up excellent topics for further research, thought, and discussion. Note: the author uses some uncommon slang and refers to Washington, DC as the ''District of Corruption''; while not inaccurate, this alternate term may be not be recognizable to some readers.

Quote of the day for 12/24/2020 -

An Inconvenient Truth About the Covid-19 Conspiracy (Investment Watch blog) <read this

We had a
Vaccine Act in 1986 because vaccines were maiming and killing citizens, and the Establishment - Republican and Democrat - wanted to protect Big Pharma.

We have a Vaccine Court because many families are permanently harmed by compulsory vaccines, and once again, the Establishment (elected UniParty and unelected Deep State) is dedicated to protecting Big Pharma.

Big Pharma - enormously wealthy - is indemnified by our District of Corruption from damages - so that they can go on damaging the sheeple. That is why
Big Pharma (the scion of John Rockefeller) is the # 1 Lobby in the USA!

Antoine Bechamp and Terrain Theory are more generally valid and beneficial than Louis Pasteur and Germ Theory. Modern sewage systems and pre-surgery hand washing had as much or more to do with the reduction in mortality as did the vaunted vaccines of the latter Nineteenth Century.

But plumbing and washing - or healthful diet (i.e., "terrain": the body ecology) cannot be readily patented for profit; artificial - and thus by definition, unnatural - vaccines can be so patented.

There have been deaths and near-deaths from this unprecedented mRNA vaccine, and I am now reading and hearing that
Pfizer and Moderna have been granted legal immunity from us for failing to safely grant physical immunity to us.

Why does the
CDC own dozens of vaccine patents? Is that not actual, literal fascism, to wit, totalitarian collusion between the public and private sectors? - kwisatz_haderach

Quote of the day for 12/17/2020 - One man's response to an official Department of Defense Industry Survey that solicited comments:

''When this ''COVID-19'' was first announced the beginning of this year, accompanied by news reports and video of people in China dropping dead in the streets I was somewhat concerned. For a week or so I thought it may be something real.

Afterwords, the Mainstream Media ''over played it's hand'' and the COVID-19 narrative was unraveling fast. Additionally; just speaking to people I know well, and none of them personally know anyone who has succumbed to COVID-19 other than 80+ year old people with serious pre-existing health conditions; people / a demographic who statistically die in expected numbers of the seasonal flu EVERY YEAR.

The only thing that concerns me is the ridiculously heavy handed government response to ''COVID-19'', and the self appointed ''COVID Karens" (mostly female) who seem to get off on the power trip of trying to dictate mask wearing and social distancing to people around them.

My only question is: If you have an IQ over 80, what kind of mental gymnastics do you need to perform in order to accept the official government narrative on COVID-19?''
  - Anonymous DOD system user

12/13/2020 Brandy Vaughan, age 47, self described ex pharmaceutical industry insider, founder of Learn the Risk a non-profit organization that sought to educate people on the dangers of pharmaceutical products including vaccines; found dead by her 9 year old son. Ms. Vaughan allegedly stated to close friends that she feared for her life (specifically stating fear of being poisoned) due to her activism against the pharmaceutical industry; going so far as publishing a 10 point list that included instructions to her associates to hire a team of private investigators if something were to happen to her. Individuals who claim they were close to Ms. Vaughan dispute officially listed cause of death relating to complications from a gallbladder disorder.

Video Title:
NHS Advert ( Santa Is Rushed In To Hospital ) - Note: captions on video added by Youtube Uploader - Un-edited original version of this video was apparently removed from circulation by NHS

Runtime: 00:01:39 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 12 Dec 2020

UK's NHS (England's Government National Health Service) - produces TV commercial that shows ''Santa Claus'' rushed to hospital with COVID-19..... Sure... Not enough adults are terrified about the fake pandemic, we should make sure the kids are properly terrified though.

Video Title:
Family kicked off of United Airlines flight because their two year old would not comply with mask policy

Runtime: 00:02:19 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 12 Dec 2020

United Airlines Response - status/1337627533748150273

Video Title:

Runtime: 00:00:32 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 11 Dec 2020

Department of Justice Spokesman puts mask on when he thinks he is not on camera, walks onto stage and into camera frame, with mask on, then takes mask back off before delivering speech. Obviously trying to make it appear that he normally wears the mask, and only removes it while making a speech on camera while properly socially distanced.

Video Title:
Doctors Around the World Issue Dire WARNING- DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE!!

Runtime: 00:28:34 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 08 Dec 2020

Department of Justice Spokesman puts mask on when he thinks he is not on camera, walks onto stage and into camera frame, with mask on, then takes mask back off before delivering speech. Obviously trying to make it appear that he normally wears the mask, and only removes it while making a speech on camera while properly socially distanced.

Video Title:
Message from Sheriff Bianco 12-04-20

Runtime: 00:02:58 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 04 Dec 2020

Sheriff Bianco of Riverside County California calls out Gov. Newsom and other officials for flaunting their own lockdown orders, implies that his Sheriff's department will not enforce lockdown orders

Video Title:
State Sen Andrew Lanza (R) Staten Island giving speech - owner of Macs Public House Pub is arrested

Runtime: 00:05:10 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 02 Dec 2020

NYC Pub owner arrested for running his business. State Sen. Andrew Lanza (R) arrived on scene and delivered a speech to the crowd

Video Title:
Support the Technocracy - Wear your Mask

Runtime: 00:01:49 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 02 Dec 2020

Joke? - I asked my doctor: 'How long will COVID-19 be a health threat?'
My Doctor says: 'I don't know, I don't follow politics'

Everything you really need to know about COVID-19

Video Title:
Prohibition: 1920 vs. 2020

Runtime: 00:03:32 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 02 Dec 2020

The similarities between the prohibition of alcohol in the 1920's and the COVID-19 Lockdowns of 2020: Both were driven in a large part, by public hysteria. Prohibition ended up being recorded in American history as a national embarrassment; history will also record the COVID-19 Lockdowns with the same sense of embarrassment. See: The ''Expert Consensus'' Also Favored Alcohol Prohibition

Video Title:
Staten Island - Macs Public House - More FINES! Original $15,000 Fine Voided, THE BATTLE HEATS UP!

Runtime: 00:06:15 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 20 Nov 2020

NYC Pub Declares Itself 'Autonomous Zone' After Government Tries To Shut It Down

Video Title:
Why We Will Win and They Will Lose - Computing Forever

Runtime: 00:31:44 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 15 Nov 2020

(from Ireland) -Why We Will Win and They Will Lose - informative video about the most likely Technocratic Oligarchy angle to the COVID-19 scam and why it is being perpetrated.

Video Title:
Spirit Airlines flight attendant threatens to arrest and no-fly-list any passengers who refuse to keep a mask on *for the entire flight!*

Runtime: 00:02:07 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 15 Nov 2020

As if we don't have enough reasons NOT to fly on Spirit Airlines - passenger Video shows flight attendant abusing authority and claiming to be 'Federal Official'. Expect more, and worse tyranny like this until a critical mass of people stop complying and/or voting with their wallets to patronize companies that play into this Scamdemic.

11/2/2020 - Something to keep watch on - Coming soon: International travel restrictions and 'Health Passports' AKA CommonPass. International travel may never be the same. More evidence that this whole scam is really about people control and surveillance. Don't just follow the money here, look at the business histories of the people heading up these programs.

9/24/2020 - Honorable Mention: COVID World - Resist!  -
by Iain Davis of Off Guardian -  An interesting take on all the COVID Fascism we are currently being subjected to.  Introduces a new term to the lexicon of critical thought: 'Elites' now referred to as the more descriptive and accurate 'Parasite Class'.

Video Title:
COVID-911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity - corbettreport

Runtime: 00:33:36 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 18 Sep 2020

Thank You Corbett Report, for this excellent video. By producing this video you do a service to freedom loving people around the world. (transcript here)

You may ask: Why is TWP so adamantly dismissive of all of the COVID-19 hysteria, the wearing of face masks, and the related official government narratives?
Answer: We've seen all of this before.

If you were old enough, and in the right place to 'intimately' remember 9/11, the Anthrax scare, the rise of the surveillance state, and the peak of national paranoia regarding Middle East Terrorism, then you too would have a much different perspective from which to understand and accurately judge the true nature and rationale behind this COVID-19 narrative being pushed by governments and mainstream media around the world.

8/14/2020 - Major Update

We at see this article: Lockdown Restrictions Are A Test To See How Much Tyranny Americans Will Accept - by Brandon Smith of (re-posted below) as probably the best and most accurate analysis of the COVID-19 / Corona Virus situation to date. This so-called 'Pandemic', the heavy handed government response, and the major societal changes that are inevitably taking place in it's wake is ultimately being promoted and forced on us by 'The Powers That Be'.

We are dealing with extremely wealthy and powerful individuals and multinational corporate entities who operate globally at the highest levels, above national governments, outside the reach of all courts of law and congressional or parliamentary hearings, and indeed any other systems of justice that are transparent and accountable to the citizenry of a civilized nation.

As with any scenario like this, is we may never see 'smoking gun, courtroom grade' evidence of culpability and intent 'beyond a reasonable doubt'. However, by utilizing Critical Thinking, Logic, Reason, adherence to the Scientific Method, and by simply FOLLOWING THE MONEY, while at the same time rejecting emotion inducing hysteria,  we can assemble what is in highest probability, the TRUTH in all of these matters. This is the premise and purpose of this website -

'' Lockdown Restrictions Are A Test To See How Much Tyranny Americans Will Accept

Wednesday, 12 August 2020 15:57 Brandon Smith

soldiers in yellow bio-hazzard suits

The pandemic lockdowns are a complicated issue, and that is absolutely deliberate. The point of 4th Generation psychological warfare is to present the target individual or population with a hard choice – a no-win scenario. You are damned if you do and damned if you don't. I often equate this to the key moves in a difficult chess game; your primary goal is to create a dual threat and force your opponent to sacrifice one piece over another in order to escape with the least amount of damage. Do this a few times and you have won the long game.

There are multiple aspects to the global pandemic which seem engineered to push our society to make 'sacrificial decisions'. We can choose to sacrifice the lives of those that are susceptible to the virus, sacrifice our economy, or sacrifice many of our freedoms with the promise that the economy and lives will be protected. The easiest choice is always to give away a little more freedom. We'll get it all back eventually...right?

Of course, we don't actually get to 'choose' anything when we play along with this game. 4th Gen warfare is meant to eventually take IT ALL from the target population while making people think it was their choice to give those things away.

To be clear, it's not only the pandemic being exploited as leverage to conjure these situations. The leftist riots are another example of a bought and paid for crisis that is being used in an attempt to convince half of Americans that breaking constitutional principles and instituting unprecedented government power is somehow an acceptable sacrifice. The riots and the virus response work hand-in-hand; one is created to get leftists to demand totalitarianism in the name of public safety, the other is created to get conservatives to demand totalitarianism in the name of public safety.

The solution always ends up being totalitarian government. There are those that would have you believe that this is the only way. The new propaganda meme out there is:

'Silly libertarians live in a fantasy world where freedom is valued over security in times of crisis. We don't have the luxury of freedom when communist terrorists/deadly virus threaten to destroy the fabric of our society...'

Sound familiar? Yes, this nonsense narrative is everywhere on forums and message boards these days, almost as if someone was paying people to inject it into everyday discussion. The problem is, I've seen this all before. Right after the events of 9/11, America went insane for at least a few years, hyper focused on the threat of terrorists while ignoring the greater root danger of all powerful government. The number of constitutional protections being violated in the name of 'beating the terrorists' was staggering, and the number of mostly conservative citizens cheering for this at the time was immense.

Today's calls for overreaching government power in the name of 'beating coronavirus' or 'beating the extreme left' are no different. In the wake of widespread fear, people suffer from fits of temporary madness that allows them rationalize moral relativism and unnecessary sacrifices.

I've never really understood that aspect of behavior among certain groups. I've never been so fearful of losing my life that I was willing to hand over anything including my freedom and my future on the mere chance that I could stay alive just a little longer. But for some, that fear dominates their every waking moment.

To me, this would be a torturous and empty existence. What do these people have to live for anyway? Obviously they don't care about their children because they are willing to give away their children's future just so they can feel safer today. Do they have some kind of epic contribution for the good of humanity and they feel they must do anything to survive long enough to make it happen? Are they working on the cure for cancer or a path to world peace? I doubt it.

More likely they work in an office building or a McDonalds or teach kindergarten at a public school. They aren't contributing all that much, but they are perfectly willing to trade their freedom and everyone's freedom for a little more time on this Earth. I've seen 85-year-old men that can't move around without a walker raging about people who 'don't wear masks' and how they should be 'thrown in jail'.

Buddy, you have lived your life fully. You had your fun. Yet, you are still clinging so desperately to existence that you are demanding the draconian destruction of our society's core principles just so you can eek out a couple more years of grumbling in misery and eating soft foods?

I'm not saying I contribute much more in comparison, but I also have no interest in controlling the destinies of other people. I'm just trying to live my life as free as possible while helping to ensure others can do the same. And if I die from a virus, then I die, but at least I never aided in the enslavement of future generations. There are plenty of Americans of all ages that feel the same way as I do; but there are many others that seem to be missing that ability to control their fear.

The question I almost never see asked in the mainstream when it comes to the pandemic is this – Is it really all worth it?
Is it worth it to shut down large swaths of the US economy, threatening millions of jobs, sending millions of people into poverty, risking speedy financial collapse and degrading our fundamental freedoms just to save .03% of the population? What if it was 1% of the population? Would it be worth it then? What about 3%?

The reality is, it's NEVER worth it.

Recently a voting member of the Federal Reserve, Neel Kashkari, argued that the US needs renewed hard lockdowns, meaning most Americans stay stuck at home for at least 6 weeks with little access to the economy. His rationale? The US savings rate has spiked, therefore more Americans are saving, therefore they can financially handle another lockdown.

Now, either Kashkari is very stupid or very evil. I'm going to go with evil. This is just more proof that supports my position that the Fed is a suicide bomber seeking the deliberate destruction of the US in the name of an ideological cult (globalism).

First, the savings rate does not necessarily represent the majority of Americans. The savings rate can increase dramatically due to a small subsection of the population, such as the upper middle class or the 1%, setting large amounts of money aside, yet the statistics treat this as if it represents the whole population. The Personal Savings Rate also includes stocks and bonds as 'savings', which helps to skew the numbers as well.

Secondly, with 30 million more Americans added to the unemployment rolls after the last lockdown, how can we take the recent increase in the savings rate seriously? How many average middle class or poverty stricken Americans are included in that stat?

Thirdly, even if the Fed stat was accurate and most Americans were saving more, how is this an excuse to enforce even harsher lockdowns? People generally save in order to prepare for the worst case scenario. So, because they are saving for the worst case scenario, Kashkari wants to punish them with the worst case scenario, thereby wiping out their savings? Again, he's either stupid or evil; take your pick.

All no-win scenarios are constructed on lies and false narratives. They require you to believe certain fallacies before you can feel trapped by the decision that is imposed on you.
Kashkari will claim that his strategy will be better for the country in the long run, but he knows full well that the economy was crashing well before the coronavirus arrived on the scene. In fact, the Federal Reserve built the framework for the crash by addicting the system to easy debt through stimulus measures and low interest rates, then they took away the punch bowl triggering a bubble implosion, and now they are flooding the world with punch until everyone drowns in the inflation
The US economy was broken even without the pandemic lockdowns so there is no point in giving up your freedom or economic access to save the system.

Another lie is that we can somehow avoid or escape the virus. Eventually, almost everyone is going to get it, it's just a matter of time. Hope that a working vaccine can be developed in less than a year is deluded, and given the terrible results of previous attempts by governments to rush vaccines into production, I think I would rather take my chances with Covid. Even medical tyrant Dr. Fauci himself admits that a vaccine will not be fully effective and that the virus may be around for many years to come.

Video Title:
Swine Flu Vaccine Killed Hundreds! MUST SEE

Runtime: 00:14:56 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 14 Aug 2020

Previous attempts by governments to rush vaccines.

Documented by CBS 60 Minutes:
In 1976 swine flu vaccine campaign killed hundreds of people.

(from a time in American History when the Mainstream Media still had some vestige of integrity and sense of duty to the people of this nation.)

So, why are we beating around the bush? Why are we shutting down the economy? Why are we giving up our everyday freedoms? Who are we saving? No one. The people that are going to die from coronavirus are going to die from it sooner or later. If we are going to get into a discussion on the so-called 'greater good', then let's really be logical about it. The decision is not all that hard when you set aside the propaganda and think about it.

Dragging the pandemic out over years with lockdowns hurts the majority of people. It expedites an economic crash that was already in motion and it will lead to massive poverty levels in the US as well as a supply chain breakdown. It may even lead to full-on collapse.

To be clear, I respect the private property rights of businesses that want customers to wear masks or take other precautions in their establishments. I have the right to not shop at those businesses if I don't like it. The problems arise when government officials try to FORCE businesses to institute pandemic restrictions or to close down completely. An even bigger problem arises when governments try to force pandemic restrictions onto individuals in their everyday lives. This is simply unacceptable.

Government edicts forcing people to social distance or wear masks or deny them the right to free assembly, once instituted, will probably never go away. Once government has the power to dictate your movements and behavior as if your moment-by-moment decisions are a threat to 'public health', they have total power to do anything they wish.

Many of these orders are also being made at the executive level. No state governor, no mayor, no president has the right to unilaterally create laws and assert unchecked authority. It is the job of legislatures to pass laws that affect the common public, and often these laws must be voted on by the citizenry through ballot initiatives. The governor has no more power to force me to wear a mask than some lunatic leftist Karen on the street.

It's not that I don't care about the people that are susceptible to the virus, it's just that I'm not willing to play a rigged game of sacrifice for those people. No, they aren't worth it, and I include myself in that statement in the event that I am susceptible to the virus. Why should over 99% of people be treated like prisoners so less than 1% of the population can feel safer? If you are really at risk then STAY HOME, shop online and let the rest of us get on with our lives.

I would never ask the majority of people to sacrifice their liberties for my personal comfort. Anyone who does is a coward.

If you would like to support the work that Alt-Market does while also receiving content on advanced tactics for defeating the globalist agenda, subscribe to our exclusive newsletter The Wild Bunch Dispatch Learn more about it HERE.

5/10/2020 (Original Post)

Video Title:
AwakenWithJP: -- What Its Like to Believe Everything the Media Tells You

Runtime: 00:08:36 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 10 May 2020

This guy absolutely 'Nails it' regarding COVID-19

Keep this in mind:
The public panic & general stupidity seems like it is worse for your health than the actual 'Corona Virus'; which hasn't even approached the mortality of the common 'every-year' flu. Prepare accordingly.




Keep everything in perspective and keep in mind that this Corona Virus may be a 'cover' or distraction for the economy tanking for reasons unrelated to any so-called Pandemic (more likely: the end of the US 'Petro' dollar as the dominant world currency, and the over valuation of the stock market for the past 4 years). Under extreme fear from this Corona Virus, people may be willing to accept curtailment of civil liberties, that the government would have a difficult time implementing for an economic collapse alone.

Video Title:
Stop Calling It Contact Tracing

Runtime: 00:17:11 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 10 May 2020

''Contact Tracing'' is just re-packaged authoritarian, ''STASI'' style surveillance for the smartphone crowd. There is something wrong with you if you voluntarily comply with this. Please study history; this sort of thing never ends well.

Video Title:
Gold Confiscation is a Real Threat

Runtime: 00:13:20 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 11 May 2020

Could this so-called ''pandemic'' be a cover story to conceal an impending financial collapse; caused by the end of the U.S. ''petro'' Dollar's reign as the global reserve currency?

Quote of the day:

'When the State tells you it’s safe to go to The Home Depot to buy a sponge but it’s too dangerous to go to a florist and buy flowers —it’s not about your health.

When the State shuts down millions of private businesses but doesn’t lay off a single government employee—it’s not about your health.

When the State bans dentists because it’s unsafe, but deems abortion visits safe—it’s not about your health.

When the State prevents you from buying cucumber seeds because it’s too dangerous, but allows in-person lottery ticket sales—it’s not about your health.

When the State tells you it’s too dangerous to go golf alone, fish alone or be in a motorboat alone, but the Governor can get his stage make up done, and hair done for 5 TV appearances a week—it’s not about your health.

When the state puts you IN a jail cell for walking in a park with your child because it’s too dangerous but lets violent criminals OUT of jail for their health—it’s not about YOUR health!

When the state tells you it’s too dangerous to get treated by a doctor of chiropractic or physical therapy treatments yet deems a liquor store essential—it’s not about your health!

When the state tells you having a malignant tumor removed is banned as 'elective surgery' but allows a new car dealership to remain open as 'essential' —it’s not about your health!

When the State lets you go to the grocery store or hardware store but is demanding mail-in voting, IT’S NOT ABOUT YOUR HEALTH.

Let My People Go!' - Slow Burn 678

7/1/2020 Update

Video Title:
Gerald Celente – Gold Spikes Economy Not Coming Back

Runtime: 00:35:25 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 01 Jul 2020

'Gerald Celente – Gold Spikes Economy Not Coming Back' - Occupy Peace

A lot of interesting takes on recent issues.

'Gerald Celente, a top trends researcher and Publisher of The Trends Journal, declared back in March that the 'Greatest Depression' had already started. Now, he says politicians who are power tripping 'imbeciles and freaks out of their minds' closed down the economy for political gain' - Greg Hunter

Video Title:
Man wears mesh face mask to prove mandatory masks in Florida is not about protection but compliance

Runtime: 00:02:49 | Original Video Source:

Downloadable mp4 Mirror:

TWP Archive Date: 01 Jul 2020

''Man wears mesh face mask to prove mandatory masks in Florida is not about protection but compliance''

A man decides to prove a point that masks are not for protection but compliance when he decides to use a mesh face mask rather than a filter mask in Walmart that is mandated in Tampa, Florida.


Quote of the day:

'The Lockdowns and all the attendant misery which accompanies them is by design.

Stage one seems to be to crush people spiritually (can't watch sport, theatre, live music, cannot get a hair-cut, cannot see a doctor.....and so on).
The wearing of masks has nothing to do with health- but is an act of visible submission to bogus authority.

The next stage is mass joblessness and an economic collapse that will directly impact agriculture and supply-chains. This will lead, at first, to a profound lack of choice- then shortly after that, empty supermarkets. Poverty and malnutrition will further add to the cycle of hopelessness. Suicide and early mortality will rise, Soviet-style, and nobody save for the feckless will choose to bring children into such a world.

Depopulation will result....and the Plan will have succeeded.

I do not believe we are powerless to stop this happening- but all around me in my daily life, I see only people
who either cannot wake up to the reality that awaits them- or, more worryingly, seem to see serfdom as a
comforting and benevolent thing.' -

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How They Pulled Off the ‘Pandemic’ – an Animated Film Explanation by David Icke

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TWP Archive Date: 01 Aug 2020

How They Pulled Off the ‘Pandemic’ – an Animated Film Explanation by David Icke

A plausible theory on the ability and
modus operandi of a small, but very powerful group of people and
multinational corporate entities to create, promote, and enforce narratives on just about any subject; on a global scale, including this narrative of a fake pandemic.


Quote of the day:

'Masks are meant [to] weaken you. Masks are a form of self-shaming. Sure, Asians have been wearing them for ages to alert people that the mask wearer is sick so healthy people can avoid contacting them. The mask says 'I am contagious, shun me'. Now, however, perfectly healthy people wear masks (which is insane), but the leper-like feeling of shame remains. Masks are meant to break you down, dehumanize you, make you 'lesser'; they strip you of masculinity, diminish your integrity. The visual of a mask itself is one of weakness. Please STOP wearing the damn things. Only when people dissent against this absurdity will it end.' - Hoax Fatigue