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Open Letters to
Lt. General Michael T. Flynn

Written 2:00 AM ET, Mon July 11, 2016

General Michael T. Flynn

Open Letters to:

Lt. General Michael T. Flynn,

Here is a novel approach in the effort to undermine modern terrorism: Correct the injustices that create the mindset for terrorist actors and their recruitment by groups such as DAESH.

Prime Examples: the American and British presence and ongoing covert intelligence and overt military operations in the Middle East for the past 70+ years and the present and the past French colonization and current day molestation of African nations; ALL done ultimately for securing (plundering) natural resources by western powers (Mainly the USA, Britain and France). This is the least discussed cause for modern Radical Islamic Terrorism, but the fact that these topics are not often discussed in polite conversation nor in the mainstream media, does not mean that these causes are irrelevant nor should they be overlooked.

In a global society made possible by the internet and social mediaWe don't need faster internet connections, or a higher proliferation of mobile devices...

'It is now clear that the think tanks at George Mason and MIT were correct when they started measuring the unintended consequences of this new instant information world we live in and surmised that societal collapse was guaranteed.

The average human brain can't handle the level of adaptation required to process this much instant information properly and we are witnessing the beginning of cascade failure as cognitive collapse occurs in the weaker brains.

Like popcorn they will go faster and faster. This has been accelerating for 20 years and now cascade failure is upon us. It's a dragon curve that has finally taken shape. The Mayans were right all along.

We hit a critical adaptation point in 2000 just as high speed internet began to propagate with no direction and no specific purpose and that was our point. Then in 2012 mobility propagated and we went over the cliff.'
- ghengiskhan
, the days of imperial aspirations by any nation or rising dictator to oppress a people and plunder their lands with impunity; are coming to a close. These unsophisticated, rag-tag groups like DAESH , Al Qaeda and countless others are now the largest and most serious existential threat to the western world. They don't have multi-million dollar weapons systems and platforms (or heaven forbid: Nuclear Weapons), they don't have the finest West Point trained military officers to command them, but they posses a level of tenacity and adaptability, and that 'fire in the belly' that inhabitants of the first world could never comprehend from their comfortable suburban existences.

We in the west need to reconsider our treatment of these oppressed people and our shameless plundering of their lands; we either need to develop alternative energy resources to replace fossil fuels and completely withdraw from their territories, or we need to start paying reparations for past injustices, and going forward we need to pay them a fairer price for the resources we still need from their lands.


7/13/2016 2:12 PM


Flynn is another one of those power hungry political climbers walking the halls of the Pentagon and State Department who will toe the imperialist establishment line to grab power; truth be damned.

Surely this guy has read the history of the conflict in the Middle East and realizes quietly to himself that this conflict undeniably has it's roots in Britain’s and America's quest for control of oil in the region. Just forget about 70+ years of covert and overt operations against those people in the middle east and the installation of puppet governments that bow to western Oil interests at the expense of those people. No! According to Flynn and his peers: Radical Islam hates that we; who reside on the other side of the world are 'free', that we allow Rock & Roll music and our women to walk around without hijabs.


Lt. General Michael T. Flynn,

I'm sorry,

I can't let this trash and your 'Establishment Line' go unchallenged. I'm sure you don't actually believe the stuff you put in your books. But I understand, everyone needs a civilian gig.

You can use any idea I put online as a starting point to write more books in the future that are more accurate about world events and world politics.

Peace Bro!




Hey Flynn,

Pizza Gate?

Now I understand why you and your son were peddling that PizzaGate nonsense back in 2016. The real story that is 'too sick and weird to be true, but is true' was Jeffrey Epstein & Co's 'little' Kompromat operation against a bunch of important people in the USA and abroad, including your buddy Trump. Your PizzaGate distraction story is classic tradecraft; create a false scandal with a similar story to the real scandal with the intention that your fake scandal will be called out as fake; and distract everybody from the real one.

It worked well! A good number of people are so distracted by your misinformation operation, that many legitimate stories about what may be the real scandal and it's peripheral scandals are tainted with your PizzaGate nonsense, compromising the veracity of these otherwise legitimate stories and their authors.

I doubt that you are important enough to be a target of Epstein & Co, so you as the good patriot you are (or claim to be) are protecting this hopelessly corrupt United States Government. I don't think you are doing 'the patriotic thing' here. I say let the whole thing burn down, let all the dirt come out, and let's rebuild it.

If you want to turn people's attention to the possibility of pedophiles lurking in plain site and recruiting our nation's children for sick perversions, look no further than the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). If you don't opt your kids out of it in the first few days of school, any person or corporation who fills out the correct paperwork to request the info, can get pictures of your kid, names, addresses, phone numbers, and subjects of study etc.

Additionally, we have Jeffrey Epstein, (Is this a cultural thing? . . .)  billionaire pedophile and convicted sex offender financing a company called Carbyne911 (now Carbine) which produces applications and a '911 Call Handling Platform' which is designed to be used in schools according to Carbyne's website:

Carbyne encompasses citizens' safety with a dedicated feature for the educational institutes. Whether in the class, the playground or out on a field trip - teachers and student are backed up with a direct, reliable, smart communication button, to their call center, ensuring fast, accurate response.' -

If you have a kid in public school, your kids' school probably has a BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) program which allows students and school staff to bring and use their own internet connected mobile devices, so long as they install certain software onto their devices and use the school's wireless network. The question to ask of your kid's school is:

Dear School Principal,

I was reading about the ********* ISD BYOT program (see attached) from the school registration information I had completed online at the beginning of this school year.

I noticed that the BYOT policy includes a provision that requires students to install school provided software in order to be able to bring their personally owned, internet connected mobile devices to school and use them for educational activities.

Although we are not providing our child with any devices to take to school or use under this BYOT policy, we are concerned about the devices used by his schoolmates which could be recording video and audio feeds in proximity to our child, from which our child's image and voice may be recorded and transmitted over the internet to some administrative entity or computer server.

We are concerned that one of the companies providing this software may be Carbyne911, or a technology partner linked to Carbyne911, a emergency call handling program that works with existing 911 emergency systems used by most municipalities in Texas.

Could you please provide me with a list of the software that is being installed into student's devices under this BYOT policy?
(please provide: Software name, owner / provider, website associated with the software and it's owner / provider, overview of the functionality of the software)

Thank You,
The parents of a child attending public school in Texas.

I think a certain community needs to police itself.

9/26/2020 - Something else to consider about the Epstein Affair - 'The Billy Goat Angle'


Hey Flynn,

In response to your op-ed in the western journal dated 6/29/2020.

You are correct, we don't need socialism, but the status quo of Globalist Oligarchy / Multinational Crony Capitalism is not sustainable. However, I don't think socialism is really what is being promoted here in the midst of this recent social unrest that you are commenting on. I really think that the root of recent this social unrest is being promoted and financed behind the scenes by a 'Globalist Elite and a collection of Multinational Corporate Interests' to distract from the real issue of the 'Globalist Elite and their Multinational Corporations' having far too much wealth and political power globally. This wealth and power has subverted governments around the world and has visibly subverted our democratic republic, capturing all branches of our government, and both major political parties for decades now (via unlimited money allowed into political campaigns and also the 'industry / regulatory agency revolving door'). This is what needs to be addressed and corrected.

Take a look at my proposals here: Various conversations regarding the '10,000 ounce rule'
(I think you will find it appealing because it caters to the 'Judeo-Christian values' you speak of in your op-ed piece.)

We do not need socialism (or heaven forbid: Communism), but we need reasonable limitations and checks on the accumulation of Wealth and Power (Political, Industrial, Religious and other types) that can exert undue dominance and control over the people, and which threatens the well being and existence of a healthy middle class that wields a majority of the political power in a given nation. A society with a healthy and politically powerful middle class, has the best form of government, one which can ensure prosperity and happiness to the vast majority of those who are willing and able contribute their labors to the economy and society at large.

If you want to help this nation and be the 'Patriot', as opposed to being just another 'Beltway Talking Head' or 'Beltway Bandit', then help promote policy that will restore the health of the middle class in this country.



I saw your Op-Ed piece on Western Journal - 'This Is My Letter to America', and this is my analysis / response:

Just because a majority of Middle Class Americans are beginning to get fed up with and reject the mostly Liberal Judaic shit-show promotion of the 'Non-binary Woke-ster' - Social Justice Warrior - Black Lives Matter - Cultural Marxist Fascist Amalgam, doesn't mean that a majority of Middle Class Americans are going to jump at the crap you are peddling here at the behest of your particular oligarch / multinational corporate masters (who are probably the same entity promoting your opposition's).

White Supremacist para-military fascism cloaked in enough Christian buzzwords to give it the plausible appearance of a 1st amendment protected religious movement, is just as dangerous to our (supposedly democratic) society as the former.

I will tell you and your crowd the same thing I told the Black Lives Matter crowd:

'If you seek change, as we all do; focus.....

Struggle to restore Political Power and Prosperity to the Working Middle Class, this is the only struggle that matters, all other 'popular struggles' are systematically and strategically financed and promoted though mainstream channels by 'The Powers That Be' as part of a wider and very successful 'Divide and Conquer' strategy that has enabled them to retain all real power in the United States and globally.


The REAL injustice in our society is related to Economic and Wealth inequality brought on by global labor arbitrage via the mass outsourcing of Domestic Manufacturing Industries (among other things perpetrated upon us by the Megalomaniac Billionaires, Authoritarian Technocrats and all of their Multinational Corporations).' - TWP

P.S. - You may be sincere in your stated religious beliefs, and that is strictly between you and your 'God', but if you are trying to impose your religious beliefs on me and everyone else in America, or to use those religious beliefs as a basis or source for your 'Moral Authority', you are just as evil as the forces you profess to be battling - and I would not join either camp.

Somebody needs to buy this man a Satellite. I thought this sort of 'Bible Thumping' when out of style back in the 80's.


Not defending Trump here, but the entrenched elements in government do seem to be going out of their way to take him down. The Clintons appear to be 'exponentially' more corrupt  than the Donald and his family, but at no time did they (the Clintons) encounter what Trump is encountering, not even close to the same level. Also, I have never seen supposedly impartial, non partisan institutions in this country punish individual political support of a particular candidate the way they do for Trump supporters.

Quote of the day:

'I have to believe, given the lack of whistle-blowers, that the entire upper echelons of the FBI, CIA, NSA, and other organizations are corrupt. Firing the top guy doesn't stop the treasonous anti-Trump culture.

A better move would be to dissolve these agencies completely and form new agencies. At first I thought, 'If we dissolve these agencies, we'd lose all the important, hard work in progress...' But really what good are they doing? Nothing. They've become treasonous, corrupt, subversive agencies that nobody wants or trusts. They do more harm than good. They're not for the people. They are against the people.

In order to restore trust, make public all of their activities and data when they are dissolved. That would be eye opening I'm sure. Then hire patriots to form the new FLEA (Federal Law Enforcement Agency), the new FIA (Foreign Intelligence Agency), and the new CPIA (Corrupt Politician Investigation Agency).' - Welfarebum

11/5/2020 Regarding Joe Biden for President

I think some people are finally starting to wake up to the true nature of political power in our globalist oligarchy.

Conversation Quote of the day:

'do you really think our 'intelligence' agencies would ever allow someone who
is that compromised to hold a position of power?!
LOL.' -


Concise and to the point

What majority does not realize is that in real life the more compromised a potential leader is the more valuable
he/she is to the people behind the curtains.

This is why, the ultimate rite of passage to ascend to the highest levels and deepest inner circle of power
are the most outrageous crimes, like for example murder, pedophilia, shady financial ops involving
huge amounts of money.
Luc X. Ifer

What Luc X. Ifer is talking about here is no different to the Mafia custom of 'making your bones' to become a 'Made Man' and is a requirement for membership and leadership in the organization (see Valachi Hearings). 'Making your bones' / murdering someone; preferably while being witnessed by two or more 'made men' was to ensure that the new recruit was compromised through witnessed, direct involvement in the organized criminal activity, and was therefore trustworthy to the criminal organization.

And don't for one second believe that this is not all sanctioned at the highest levels. As a historical example: guys like James Traficant are small fish in this pond, just not part of the dominant organization worthy of protection and concealment.

In the past 20 years with all the known (and unknown) 'Parallel Construction' going on, there is no way that the validity of the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop could have ever be questioned as to their authenticity, but if it wasn't for the Delaware computer repair shop, we probably never would have heard about it. Likewise, there would have been no way that Epstein & Co could have functioned or existed for more than a few months without discovery and a subsequent FBI sting operation being put into action.

Just because the FBI has a 'glorious' history of taking down 'street level' organized crime, doesn't mean that 'all are equal under the law'. Organized crime at the level we are talking about here, 'isn't really crime' at all; it is just our everyday government operating as it always has; behind the scenes. Don't hold your breath waiting for any of these 'made men' seeing 'courtroom' justice like they dish out on the plebes in 'just the facts', 'Dragnet fashion', it will just never happen. The closest thing we can expect in terms of justice for these people is: maybe when they are no longer useful to the organization, they die in the shadows, in very mysterious circumstances, but the 'show' goes on; likely directed from Bilderburg which seems to be the high level 'Apalachin meeting' that never gets busted, because it is the government.

11/18/2020 Hey Flynn... This Andrew Torba, frontman of the Gab social media platform seems like he is one of your fellow travelers. Advise: A movement for Intellectual dissent based strictly on a religious identity is only a road to a different brand of tyranny and intolerance.


5/27/2021 Well this confirms it...


The COVID "Scamdemic" narrative is now being used as a pretense to conflict with China, perhaps that was the plan all along. I hope these idiots in know what they are doing, there is no Fucking way we would ever win a protracted war, or even a serious trade dispute with China because they make pretty much literally EVERYTHING that we no longer manufacture in the United States, inlcuding some vital defense materials. I'm not gonna say I told "you" so, but I'll tell you the same thing I told Mattis: